Pakistan is the Third Largest Manufacturer of Adidas’ Accessory and Gear

Pakistan has witnessed a steep 6% increase in Adidas’ market share over the past year. According to details, Pakistan now holds the third largest market share in the world in Adidas’ accessory and gear category with only Turkey and China ahead of the country.

Currently, Pakistan holds 21% of the market share while Turkey holds 25% and China holds 28% in the specific category. Pakistan’s market share rose from 15% the previous year to 21% this year.

Adidas is the second-largest sports manufacturer in the world. They specialize in three categories, sports apparel, footwear, and accessories.

According to details, Pakistan’s market share rose due to the increase in the exports of sporting goods, especially footballs. The exports of footballs rose by 35.70 percent, surging from $114.5 million last year to $155.4 million during the current year.

This was primarily due to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year which used Adidas-manufactured made in Pakistan footballs. Pakistan has been a chief provider of footballs for the mega-events over the past years.

Here is the breakdown of Adidas’ accessories and gear category market share:

Region Percentage
China 28%
Turkey 25%
Pakistan 21%
Other 26%

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