CDA Reveals the Extent of Structural Damage in Buildings After 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake

In the wake of the recent earthquake in different parts of the country including Islamabad, concerns have been raised about the safety of multi-storied buildings in the city.

CDA’s Building Control Directorate, under the direction of Chairman CDA Noor ul Amin Mengal, conducted a survey of 90 high-rise buildings in the city to assess their structural integrity.

According to the sources, no cracks were found in the pillars of any of the buildings. However, 10 out of 90 buildings were found to be slightly damaged by the earthquake, with minor cracks being found in the plaster or masonry of these buildings.

The Directorate has urged the owners of these affected buildings to have the cracks repaired immediately. In case of non-repair, the agency has instructed that the building be immediately vacated and a new building and structural sustainability certificate obtained.

It is also necessary to obtain certificates from CDA and PEC-registered firms and to have these certificates verified by a third-party consultant.

Furthermore, housing societies in the city have been directed to survey high-rise buildings within their purview and submit a report within three days.

The societies have also been instructed to submit the latest maturity and strength certificates of high-rise and medium-rise buildings to CDA.

The CDA has directed housing societies not to allow residents to live in buildings that do not obtain completion certificates, and to take action against buildings being occupied without obtaining completion certificates.

The agency has emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and integrity of high-rise buildings in the city to prevent any potential disasters.