PTCL Appoints Navid Ahmed Shaikh as New Chairman

The Board of Directors of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PSX: PTC) has appointed Navid Ahmed Shaikh as the new Chairman and Dr. Ahmed Mujtaba Memon as Director with immediate effect.

As a result of a change of management of the company, Mohsin Mushtaq Chandna (chairman) and Dr. Iram Anjum Khan (director) resigned from the Board of Directors on March 29th, 2023 with new appointments taking effect on the same day, according to a stock filing.

The new board of the company now consists of the following:

  1. Navid Ahmed Shaikh (Chairman)
  2. Abdulrahim A. Al Nooryani (Director)
  3. Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh (Director)
  4. Hatem Dowidar (Director)
  5. Ahmed Mujtaba Memon (Director)
  6. Mikhail Gerchuk (Director)
  7. Mohamed Karim Bennis (Director)
  8. Ahad Khan Cheema (Director)
  9. Burak Sevilengul (Director)

At the time of filing, the company’s scrip at the bourse was Rs. 5.6, down 0.18 percent or Rs. 0.01 with a turnover of 88,000 shares on Wednesday.

    • I agree with you. I and some other relatives and colleagues of mine have very bad experience of PTCL land lines complaints, which PTCL authorities never ever have good reputation. In the result, I got disconnected my phone lines all the time, one after the other. Same situation happened with my close relatives’ connections (PTCL land lines and internet connections from PTCL system). If PTCL people work seriously in removing the fault complaints timely then there is NO alternative of PTCL. Hope for the effective instructions for excellent and timely services in removing the customers complaints.

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  • AoA,
    I have been facing difficulty in my Band Band service due to the u/g cable faults. (Distt: Hub Balochistan)

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