Pension Bill Reaches Rs. 609 Billion as Ghost Pensioners Remain Unresolved

Officials from the Ministry of Finance stated during a session with the Senate Standing Committee on Finance that the federal government was unable to handle the issue of ghost pensioners. Consequently, as of Wednesday, the pension bill has soared to Rs. 609 billion.

The officials went on to say that of a total of 3.23 million pensioners, roughly 949,000 are still collecting their pensions manually. Surprisingly, this statistic contains almost 6,600 ‘ghost pensioners’.

According to the government, over 2.2 million pensioners have switched to the Direct Credit System (DCS). They also disclosed that 90 percent of civil pensioners and 41 percent of military retirees now had their pensions deposited straight into their bank accounts.

Moreover, all pensions are being deposited into bank accounts in Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while 93 percent of pensioners in Balochistan have been moved to the DCS.

Despite these efforts, officials from the Finance Ministry acknowledged that it will take another year to convert all pension payments to the DCS system.

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