You Can Now Edit Messages on WhatsApp Web Beta

WhatsApp has been working on the ability to edit messages for a while, something that has been available on rival apps for ages. Now we are one step closer to getting that feature once again, as the update has finally arrived on the latest beta version for WhatsApp Web.

The feature was spotted by WABetaInfo and it is fully accessible to beta users on the app’s web version. Keep in mind that WhatsApp Web is not the same as WhatsApp Desktop. The former can be accessed through internet browsers, while the latter is a native app built for laptops and PCs.

If you hold down a message on WhatsApp Web beta version 2.2319.9, it will give you the option to edit any message. However, in order to keep the authenticity of messages, the app is also implementing a 15-minute time limit for editing messages, meaning you will only be able to edit a message within 15 minutes of sending it. A message can be edited multiple times within this limit.

Although this update is only available on WhatsApp Web at the moment, the feature is close to launching on phones too. This is because the latest beta version on Android shows that the feature is in its last stages of development and will be ready to go soon.

Since it is such a major feature, it should also arrive on iOS devices soon enough.

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