Class 11 Student Dies of Intense Heat During Board Exam

In a heartbreaking incident, a student lost his life on Wednesday during his 11th-class board examination due to load shedding and extreme heat.

The incident took place at the Government Degree College in the Thiri area of Khairpur, Sindh, where numerous students had gathered to appear for their exams.

The student suddenly lost consciousness while writing his exam and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Despite all efforts, he could not be revived and tragically passed away.

Preliminary reports indicate that the cause of death was suffocation. It is believed that the combination of load shedding and soaring temperatures created a life-threatening situation inside the examination center.

The absence of a reliable power supply exposed the students to unbearable heat, leading to an alarming rise in the temperature within the hall.

This unfortunate incident sheds light on the failure to implement necessary measures to protect the lives and well-being of students during critical examinations.

    • Yehi haal punjab k examination halls ka hai ? ….Bachay garmi se behaal hain ….ooper se loading shedding ki kiya tuk hai? Is tarah students ki mushkilaat main izaafa kar k ye log apni behind ki inteha per hain ….Allah us bachay k ghar walon ko sabr de …Aur killer system k azab hum se door karay …. Ab kon action lay ga is bachay k qatilon se ?????

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