FIA Clears Over a Dozen Pilots Accused of Having Fake Licenses

In a recent development, the Aviation Sub-Committee, led by Senator Salim Mandviwala, convened a crucial meeting to discuss the cancellation of licenses of 50 pilots on grounds of fraudulent activities.

The meeting, focused on civil aviation matters, was attended by representatives from the Directorate General (DG) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who shed light on the ongoing situation.

The DG informed the committee that licenses of 50 pilots had been canceled due to fraudulent practices. However, some of the affected pilots have taken legal action by approaching the court against the cancellation of their ATPL.

The DG clarified that out of the 50 canceled licenses, 16 pilots have been cleared of any wrongdoing after investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The FIA registered FIRs in 34 cases related to these license cancellations.

It is important to note that all ATPLs have been canceled on the directive of the Cabinet, according to the DG. The DG further stated that as per CAA rules, if a pilot is found unfit, all travel history associated with their license should be canceled.

In addition to the ATPL cancellations, the DG also mentioned the cancellation of Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in some cases. This raised concerns among aviation experts, including Senator Salim Mandviwala, who questioned the rationale behind canceling CPLs along with the ATPLs.

However, CAA’s Review Board has recently made a decision to restore CPLs for certain pilots against whom no FIR had been filed. This step comes after a three-year period of pending cases due to legal proceedings. The DG emphasized the need for the Review Board to thoroughly review the remaining cases and reinstate deserving pilots.

The issue of grounded pilots was also brought up during the meeting. It was highlighted that currently, 34 pilots remain grounded due to license cancellations. Senator Mandviwala emphasized the importance of the Review Board’s prompt action in reviewing these cases and reinstating pilots who meet the necessary criteria.

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