5 Day Old Baby Dies Due to Hospital’s Negligence in Lahore

A heartbreaking event occurred on Sunday night at Lahore’s Children’s Hospital when an infant passed away due to burns from an overheated incubator. This tragedy was caused by the carelessness of the medical staff responsible for the baby’s well-being.

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) Mohsin Naqvi visited the hospital to learn more about the incident and a four-member committee has been formed to investigate the reasons behind it. 

According to the case details, Kiran, a five-day-old baby, was brought to the neonatal emergency with complaints of diarrhea and respiratory distress persisting for two days. Upon examination, the baby exhibited signs of illness. To manage the symptoms, the baby was placed under phototherapy, but unfortunately, experienced a relapse and was pronounced dead at 11:25 PM. 

The cause of death was determined to be a condition called late-onset sepsis, which led to a severe blood clotting disorder. This disorder caused the failure of multiple organs.

The committee has been given a deadline of 24 hours to present its findings. CM Naqvi expressed sadness over the loss of the infant and urged doctors to strictly follow protocols in the hospital’s nursery. He emphasized a zero-tolerance policy towards negligence and promised to take action against those responsible.

Published by
Asma Sajid