Quran Recital During Indian Parliament Opening Goes Viral

During the grand opening ceremony of the newly constructed Indian Parliament building, a remarkable situation unfolded as Surah Rehman was recited. This event was captured on video and quickly went viral, spreading across multiple platforms.

Despite facing opposition party boycotts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proudly inaugurated the magnificent parliament building. The ceremony was attended by representatives from diverse religious backgrounds, including Hinduism, Christianity, and other faiths. As Surah Rehman echoed through the air, a deep silence settled over the atmosphere, capturing everyone’s attention.

The inclusion of Surah Rahman, the 55th chapter of the Holy Quran, in the inauguration has sparked a heated debate due to Modi’s controversial history with the Muslim community. Modi is known for his staunch Hindu nationalist beliefs and has been criticized in the past for allegedly showing bias against the Muslim population in India. 

As the ceremony began, Hindu priests performed traditional rituals and chanted religious hymns, establishing a predominantly Hindu ambiance. 

However, the inclusion of Surah Rahman surprised many and drew criticism from various sources. Critics argue that this symbolic gesture alone does not absolve Modi from the broader allegations of religious discrimination that have marked his tenure.

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