Quetta Allows Construction of High-Rise Buildings for First Time After 1935 Earthquake

Quetta has granted conditional permission for the construction of tall buildings in the city after amending the 1937 Building Code Act. This decision comes after 88 years since the devastating earthquake of 1935 that caused significant loss of life and property.

The revised Building Code Act aims to prevent such catastrophic events in the future. Quetta Metropolitan Corporation (QMC) officials emphasize that strict action will be taken against violators of the Building Code Act. However, they also assure that if the new regulations are followed, buildings can be constructed without compromising safety standards.

Experts praise the introduction of the updated building code, which incorporates various construction stages to ensure the resilience of buildings against earthquakes. By considering structural integrity, materials used, and foundation strength, tall buildings can be made more resistant to seismic activities.

QMC officials outline the process outlined in the Building Code Act. Under the 2007 code, before the construction of a high-rise building is permitted, factors such as soil testing, underground drains, ground clearance, and overall structural length are thoroughly examined. If these requirements are met, construction can proceed.

However, any violation of the Building Code Act will be considered negligence and could lead to potential disasters.

The amendment of the 1937 Building Code Act in Quetta represents a significant stride in ensuring the safety and resilience of tall buildings in the city. As the construction industry embraces these new regulations, it is expected that Quetta will be better prepared to withstand future earthquakes, safeguarding the lives and properties of its residents.

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