Sindh’s Fruit Harvest Faces Torrential Rains and Strong Winds

According to recent reports, several fruit crops including mangoes, bananas, and dates, have suffered significant damage due to heavy rainfall and strong winds. The adverse weather recently hit Hyderabad and other parts of Sindh for a period of three days.

Nabi Bux, the Senior Vice President of the Chamber of Agriculture, highlighted that the mango crop has been particularly affected, with approximately 20 percent of the total crop being damaged. 

He further explained that the mango crop spans over 100,000 acres in Sindh. Unfortunately, weather changes resulted in the province being subjected to heavy rain and strong gales, causing extensive damage to the crops.

These adverse weather conditions have caused a significant setback for the farmers and agricultural community in the region. Mango cultivation, in particular, holds considerable economic value in Sindh, making the damage even more consequential.

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