US Issues Clarification on Travel Advisory for Pakistan

The US State Department has taken immediate action to address a fake travel advisory that has been circulating, specifically targeting overseas Pakistanis.

The department’s Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs utilized its official Twitter account to clarify this matter clearly.

In its tweet, the Bureau acknowledged the existence of the fake travel warning, stating, “We’re aware of a fake travel warning circulating.”

The misleading advisory falsely claimed that the US had issued specific instructions to overseas Pakistanis, urging them to use their US or Canadian passport instead of their National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) when traveling to Pakistan.

The fabricated document further asserted that utilizing a US passport would provide individuals with access to “benefits and facilities available for USA/Canadian citizens.”

However, it is crucial to note that the United States only issues official travel advisories through its official State Department website.

The most recent advisory for Pakistan was published on May 15, alerting citizens to the cancellation of daily appointments at the embassy and advising them to avoid large gatherings and unnecessary travel.

It is important for individuals to rely on official sources of information, such as the State Department website, to obtain accurate and reliable travel advisories.

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