Salman Butt Blames IPL for India’s Troubles in WTC Final

Salman Butt has blamed the Indian Premier League for India’s unimpressive performance against Australia in the final of the World Test Championship 2023.

Salman Butt has recently expressed his opinion on India’s performance in the World Test Championship Final and its potential connection to the Indian Premier League. Salman Butt argued that the dominance of shorter formats, particularly the IPL, has led to a decline in India’s performance in Test cricket.

He emphasized the importance of Test cricket as the prime form of the game, advocating for a balanced focus on all formats.

Salman Butt said that players who neglect Test cricket lose out on the depth and quality that the longer format offers. He argued that a T20 player transitioning into Test cricket raises questions about selection and suitability for the format.

He highlighted the need to provide opportunities to players performing well in domestic cricket, allowing them to prove their capabilities in the Test arena. He asserted that players with Test cricket experience tend to excel in all formats, implying that a strong foundation in Test cricket enhances a player’s overall cricketing abilities.

In Salman Butt’s view, the IPL’s structure, with seven local players and four professionals, contrasts with the concept of 11 professionals in Test cricket. He suggested that India’s struggle in Test cricket might be attributed to this disparity. He also declared T20 cricket as the reason behind West Indies’ downfall.

Salman Butt’s perspective underscores the significance of Test cricket as the foundation of all cricket formats. He also urged the PCB to focus on Test cricket along with other formats.

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Ayna Dua