You Can Now Send Full Quality Photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has always been rather limited when it comes to photo quality options. It currently lets you send images in “Standard” and “Best” quality options, but these are still compressed to save data.

Thankfully, this limitation is ending for good as WhatsApp finally lets you send “HD photos”. This option will let you keep the full resolution of the image, meaning minimum compromise in quality. You will now have an “HD” option while sending a photo to someone. Take a look at the image below.

WhatsApp finally lets you send higher quality photos

Once the photo is sent, the recipient will also see a little “HD” icon at the bottom left corner of the photo, letting them know that it’s bigger in size and has better quality.

Full resolution and compression are two different things and WhatsApp has not clarified that matter yet. However, in our testing at ProPakistani, we have seen that WhatsApp does, in fact, compress the image a bit, but there is almost no difference in photo quality, so there is little to complain about.

The Standard quality option will stick around for those who wish to save data or don’t care much for high-quality photos. But it seems that the previous “Best” quality option in the app’s settings is gone for good.

This is a step in the right direction as you had to go deep into the app’s settings to find the Best quality feature and a lot of people didn’t even know it exists. Now everyone can clearly see the “HD” option while sending any photo.

The HD quality feature has already arrived in Pakistan. Make sure you have your WhatsApp updated to the latest version.

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