Elon Musk Destroyed Twitter’s Downloads on App Stores by Renaming it to X

Twitter’s awful rebranding to X has been downright atrocious. The brand name the company built over the past two decades was just thrown away and as you would expect, it’s also ruining its downloads on app stores.

This was revealed by an analyst Eric Seufert who said that:

My hypothesis is that, while the terminally-online are entirely aware of Twitter’s rebrand to X, most consumers aren’t, and their searches for “Twitter” on platform stores surface ads and genuine search results that are in no way redolent of Twitter.

In simple words, he says that a lot of people still aren’t aware of the X rebrand. In this scenario, if you were to search for “Twitter,” the prominent outcome would be a sponsored ad from a competitor such as Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram.

What’s worse is that the search outcome for “X” bears no resemblance to Twitter. It neither features the original name nor includes a mention of being the former Twitter. Even the iconic blue color is absent, replaced solely by the unattractive “X” icon accompanied by the lackluster catchphrase “Blaze your glory!”

Not to mention, no one is going to click on an X icon with a black background over its striking resemblance to a lot of explicit websites.

Presently, on the App Store’s list of top free downloads, Threads claims the second spot while “X” lags behind by a mile at position #51. Similarly, on the Play Store, Threads ranks at #6, whereas “X” struggles far behind at the less prestigious #66. So much for Threads having trouble keeping up with Twitter.

This rebranding effort would certainly result in employees getting fired if the ‘mastermind’ behind it wasn’t the owner of the company.

Via: Daring Fireball 

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