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Woman Almost Gets Crushed By Metro Bus in Islamabad

Islamabad’s administration is being slammed by the public over a near-fatal accident earlier today due to a metro bus driver’s carelessness. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media, showing what could have become a gruesome tragedy.

It shows an elderly woman trying to board the Blue Line Metro Bus. However, due to the bus being overcrowded, the lady couldn’t climb onto the bus quickly enough. Unaware, the driver closed the door and started driving, all while the lady was still trying to board the bus.

As a result, the woman’s hand got stuck inside the door and she fell and got dragged on the road. Thankfully, the driver stopped the bus immediately after hearing the screams and shouts of the passengers and bystanders, narrowly avoiding a hideous mishap. Immediately after the woman stood up, the bus drove away as if nothing happened.

The public has voiced their dismay, with most people calling out the driver for his lack of vigilance. Some have also blamed the lady for trying to board a rolling bus that was already overcrowded.

This video has also brought up issues such as rising transportation costs, acute shortage of feasible public transport, and poor service management, with people demanding an urgent solution from the government.

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