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Car Driving Wrong Way on Islamabad Highway Goes Viral on Social Media

Traffic rule violation is starting to reach new heights in Islamabad due to the inactivity of the authorities. In a recent viral social media video, a white Suzuki Wagon R can be seen driving in the fast lane on the wrong side of the Islamabad Expressway.

The video shows the car driving in the right-most lane (fast lane) at a high speed into the oncoming traffic on the highway. It also highlights that the road traffic was fairly dense and it is unknown if any accidents took place on the road at that time. The incident was recorded around 11:30 PM.

Netizens are voicing their dismay with the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) for allowing such a reckless incident to happen. They have also demanded that the authorities use their surveillance equipment to track down and take strict legal action against the culprit.

With such incidents becoming common in the twin cities nowadays, motorists and daily commuters are advised to remain vigilant and ensure their own safety.

  • The most common thing to do to go viral on social media is to do all that is wrong and attracts people’s attention.. If you continue with your right acts, none would notice you. However, please stop going viral for all the wrong reasons because it can eventually result in woeful tragedies.

    As regards traffic, whether in Islamabad or in other places, it is one of the worst in the world. Even worse is the fact that we consider this all normal and a part of our culture.

    • It’s not the first time. I have filed numerous complaints before ICT police but in vain

      At time of accident they will gather like honey bees.

      • You can even see in day time this practice for short cuts by the drivers which may cause heavy losses however this is the basic need to know and avoid by the traffic rules by us as police can’t control thousands of points at every time.we should prove by our deeds that we are responsible law abiding citizens not the police to compell as every time. The difference between sensible people is clear when we watch them stopping on red signals even at 12 night when no one is monitoring us and drivers who in clear day time jumps against signal easily with being ashamed of their violations 🥹

  • This is now a very common and often phenomenon in twin cities especially in the capital. Bike riders don’t use helmets, wrong turning by cars and bikers are seen frequently. Focus of Traffic Wardens is only to impose heavy fine rather educate people about their own safety. Traffic Wardens are performing their duties for maximum Challans in a day only. They have no interest in traffic flow. Mostly they couldn’t even stop luxury vehicles on traffic rules violation, they only have been seen to capture bikers, fined them at the spot and their this episode lasts for whole day.

  • This is becoming common in Islamabad n happens on one way roads at under passes n overhead bridges mostly by bikersThis happens in front of traffic wardens.Another nuisance is abrupt stopage of vehicles at signals n turnings by traffic wardens to check traffic violations.They don’t care to ask drivers to park vehicles at proper place.

  • ICT Traffic Police is least bothered about it’s duties & responsibilities.
    It is, but a white elephant, bent on performing just the VVIP duties; rest of the 2 million residents may face emotional, mental & physical harm at the hands of imbecile, good for nothing motorcyclists, wagon, coaster & bloody rickshaw (which are altogether banned in Islamabad) drivers 😡😡😡

  • Traffic on roads defines ethics of a nation…further I shall not write….rest is quite self explanatory.

  • The only way to impose heavy fines and forced collection will affect, unlicensed drivers must be jailed with black points and heavy fines including vehicle impounding specially for over jumping Red signals which is very very dangerous and most common traffic crime in Pakistan.

  • Something must also be done about the motorbike riders, as they used to ride in all 3 lanes of Islamabad highway, in high speed, trolling and flying and didging between the fast moving cars, neither fearing about their own lives and lives of the other commuters. If ALLAH forbids something wrong occurs, immediately the car drivers are held responsible, not the bike rider who is riding irresponsibly… recklessly…

  • Saying (meaning) of the Holy Prophet PBUH, if you see someone is doing wrong stop him by hand. If you are weak then raise voice against him. You are weaker then think bad about his doings in yours heart and its the weakest stage of belief.
    So islamabadians should think their level of belief on God. In KPK if it was happened wagonr would be in scrap yard.

  • Police are busy elsewhere using that surveillance equipment… controlling traffic is not a priority.

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