Several Major Players Interested in Reko Diq Besides Saudi Arabia: Barrick Gold CEO

Major mining players besides the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia want a piece of Barrick Gold Corp’s colossal $7 billion Reko Diq project in Pakistan, Chief Executive Officer Mark Bristow told Bloomberg in an interview.

He said there is renewed interest from international mining companies that were previously unwilling to enter into risky regions of the world. “They have an interest. Of course, they’re a lot more conservative than I am, but as we open up these areas, whatever way you look at copper, there’s not enough of it,” he said.

He added, “We would not have a problem if Saudi Arabia and Pakistan came to an agreement. The Saudis are very interested in participating”.

Barrick, the world’s second-largest gold producer, notably views Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds as “serious” long-term investors for increasing its copper and gold businesses.

Besides having a collaborator on site with massive funding abilities, Barrick sees KSA as a potential partner with enormous political clout in Pakistan.

Barrick Gold controls half of Pakistan’s Reko Diq mine, with the remaining half held by the center and provincial government of Balochistan. According to Barrick, the mine is one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper-gold regions.

  • What a Poor Baloch will get from this?. The pockets of some Generals and Politicians will fill. Anyway Sell away the precious Gold reserves of Baloch. Our leaders are literally slaughtering the Golden chicken of Pakistan. I hope Baloch will get freedom from Pakistan, otherwise Pakistani government and Generals sitting in Islamabad will each and every bit of Balochistan to foreign investors.

    • Balochistan will get 25 percent of share …..what people get of other region of Pakistan where gas n minerals are people were playing victim card all the’s all baloch people who terror the investors who want to invest in balochistan .that’s why Balochistan is in that situation..and all funds which get Balochistan in pockets if ur politician and you blame all n everything on Pakistan..

    • I would say that what would Pakistani people get out of this? Perhaps not even peanuts as we have colossal debt, most of which is because of corruption. I am just hopeless on the current system.
      We need an iron man who deals with iron stick on the corrupt.

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