Punjab to Launch Virtual Smart Cards for Car Registration

The Punjab Excise & Taxation Department has unveiled a strategy to introduce virtual smart cards for vehicle registration in the province, aiming to tackle the existing backlog in the issuance of physical cards.

Acknowledging potential delays of up to a month in processing physical cards, the department attributes this setback to challenges in the tendering process.

However, it reassures the public that efforts are underway to expedite the process, exploring alternative solutions such as virtual smart cards.

To formalize this shift, the department has formally requested approval from the provincial government to implement the virtual smart card initiative.

Once approved, vehicle owners can conveniently acquire their virtual smart cards through online channels, completing the necessary registration procedures.

The excise department’s official website will serve as the platform for easy downloading of these virtual smart cards, containing identical information to their physical counterparts. This information encompasses the vehicle’s registration number, owner details, and vehicle specifications.

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ProPK Staff