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Evee Launches Electric Scooter For Just Rs. 95,000

Electric scooter brand Evee has once again grabbed everyone’s attention with the launch of an affordable electric scooter dubbed the Flipper.

As per the official announcement of the company, the newly launched electric scooter has been launched in four different colors, including Matte Black, Red, Blue, and Green. It is powered by a 48V 12Ah lead acid battery, covering up to 35-40 kilometers on a single charge.

Boasting a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour, Flipper is equipped with a 350-watt motor. It also features a digital meter to keep the rider informed about the speed, distance, and battery life.

Evee has priced their latest electric scooter at Rs. 95,000, and it takes 7 hours to charge.

Earlier in October this year, the company introduced the C1 Air at a price tag of Rs.300,000. It achieves an impressive top speed of 70 km/h and can travel for up to 120 kilometers on a single charge.

Other models of Evee include Evee C1 and Evee C1 Pro, priced at Rs. 200,000 and Rs. 230,000, respectively. Following are all the details about the electric vehicles of the company:

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  • This is quite a funny scooter at 25kms/ hour, charging time of 7 hours and a total range of 35 Kms. This means if someone is to travel to work from the outskirts of Islamabad to the city centre or blue area, he would first charge it for 7 hours. It would take him one hour to reach his workplace. In order to return home he will once again have to recharge it for 7 hours or slightly less to return home after office work (if the company boss allows him to use his electricity for recharging). During these 7 hours if there is loadshedding or disruption to electricity (both are quite common in Islamabad), he will have to sleep at his work place. Really funny!

    • Clearly the flipper is made for just local almost like a electric toy and the other 3 actually look like proper electric scooters ill even ben surprised if the first one can even get registered with plates.. so don’t be negative towards everything and hope that it gets used

      • People will buy a Cd-70 from 1980s for 170k but wouldn’t give an opportunity for a new entrant in Ev bikes, it’s the future whether we like it or not.

    • What world are you living in bhai. Atleast 1 year is its life. Its a pretty pathetic option IMO but 3 months is a false figure.

  • C1 Pro is priced at 230K, they should launch a discount for 1st 100 or 500 customers all over the country. This will help the company to enter the market, people buying and experiencing the product ASAP. No need to do much of marketing and advertising payments. Let the word spread with a handsome offer and both sides in a Win Win situation!
    I mean for me buying groceries with that front basket for the Flipper model, good seating position for 2, even for ladies & short distance travel, let’s say from DHA to Gulberg Lahore etc is like 12 to 15 km. One should be back with 1 charge in a day. But 7 hours charging time is a bit of a bummer but well WTH. Would’ve been great if they had a seat that had underseat storage. Good to have side mirrors for all the models. Just the price if it having a Lead Acid, not that charming. I mean, I would go and buy tomorrow morning, if there’s warranty on the battery 🔋 , economical replacement and price is between 60 to 70k for early birds genuine buyers not dealer mafia. Cuz we still have the mindset of buying a CD 70, or Road Prince 70cc for 60K not long ago! As it’s an EV & companies are getting huge off on taxes, they should pass it on a bit to the consumer aswell…

  • Its the need of this time but also this varient needs improvement of Rs.۹۵,۰۰۰/- is just funny like toy for children just 30km drive and then needs 7hours to charge it…..
    Please update it upto at least 55 KM drive.

  • Pakistan actually need to be develop a affordable battery rather than these toys.
    Battery prices must be reduced to atlest 75% lower even then many ppl can’t afford.
    We are wasting nations time in developing electric vehicle products.

  • 35km is nothing ,
    It will take 7 hours to charge and just ride 35km ….yani 95000 ki bike le kr pori raat charging pe lahgaoos k bad city k 2 chakar laga kr phr charge pe laga do.

  • دو ہزار واٹ اور پانچ گھنٹے چارجنگ۔ مطلب تقریباً دس یونٹ بجلی ایک چارجنگ میں گئی۔ ایوریج یونٹ چالیس روپے کا تو چار سو روپے کا خرچہ ستر کلومیٹر کا

  • I want to buy Flipper for this I want to know about the company address Nd phone number.

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