Sindh is Allotting 52,000 Acres of Agri-Land for Corporate Farming

The caretaker Sindh government has given its approval for the allocation of more than 52,000 acres of state land towards corporate agriculture farming.

This decision, finalized last week, designates specific acreages for this initiative across different regions, including Khairpur, Mithi, Dadu, Sujawal, Thatta, and Badin, reported Geo News.

The allocation falls under the purview of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC).

Earlier this year, the chief secretary of Sindh directed the provincial Land Utilization Department and the Board of Revenue to assess the availability of sufficient state land for leasing and utilization in corporate agriculture farming.

To regulate this land grant, the Sindh government has notified a Statement of Conditions under the British-era law, the Colonization of Government Lands Act 1912.

According to this statement, the government-owned land will be leased through an open auction for 20 years to individuals or entities for purposes such as agriculture research, farming, import substitution, and livestock research. In return, the Sindh government is entitled to 33 percent of the profits generated from this project.

The conditions explicitly bar federal and provincial government departments from participating in the open auction, while allowing private companies to bid for the land.

An agenda from a recent Sindh cabinet meeting on December 1 reveals plans to lease the state land to a private company named Green Corporate Initiative Pvt Ltd.

This development in Sindh mirrors a similar corporate farming project in Punjab.

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  • جو زمینین خالی پڑی ھوی ہیں سرکار کو چاھیے کہ وہاں کے رہائشیوں کو زمینین دی جائے کہ وہ فصلیں کاشت کریں جس سے سندھ سرکار بھی اپنا شئیر رکھے ۔۔کمپنی کو دینے سے عام عوام کو دی جائے یہ بہتر رھے گی نھیں تو یہ کمپنی سارہ ملک کھائے گی اور ان کے پیٹ بھرنے والے نہیں ۔۔اور سندھ مفتوحہ علاقہ ھے کہ آپ سندھ کی زمینیں نیلام کردیں کبھی ڈی ایچ اے کو کبھی بحریا کو اور کبھی کمپنی کو ؟؟؟؟

    • They don’t want Sindhi people in any department but they want land oil and minerals and resources of Sindh. Army is totally corrupted.

  • Exactly…first right is for local people, land reforms should be started from Sindh like in other parts of world and similar was done by our neighbours…it can empower people and peasants can get rid of landlords… government should facilitate farming by giving easy loans and trainings to genuine farmers against incentivised products or import substitutes

  • They just want the Elite Farmer’s to have this agriculture land. They don’t have plans for water canal irrigation and they are allotting land. Where is Water? District Badin is crying out for water where more than 100,000 thousand acres are being ruined.

  • Half of this total land should be given to all who are agricultural graduates, masters, bachelors, PhDs, degree holder’s,so that they can work for themselves and also pay the government.Due to this, the income of the government will also increase and unemployment will also end, the burden on the government will be reduced.

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