Start Increasing Your Income with NBP Funds Today: 19.2% p.a in January 2024 in NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund

Pakistan, like many other countries, faces this challenge where high petrol, electricity and cost of living is a constant challenge, devaluating the value of hard-earned savings, the need for financial planning is more pressing than ever. Traditional saving methods are no longer enough as the rising cost of living demands smarter financial solutions.

This is where NBP Funds, one of the leading asset management company in Pakistan, comes into play, offering perfect solutions to add to your source of income.

NBP Funds: Pioneering Asset Management

With a rich history spanning over 17 years, NBP Funds has established itself as one of the leading Asset Management Companies in Pakistan. It manages a remarkable portfolio exceeding 32,000+ Crore as of Jan 31st 2024, showcasing its expertise in financial products and services. NBP Funds lies in its commitment to making investment accessible to all, focusing on customer needs.

Spotlight on NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund

The NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund, perfect for investors seeking regular monthly payments. This fund is especially advantageous for earning monthly profits, aligning perfectly with the needs of those looking to generate extra income in the face of rising inflation.

It offers flexibility with no lock-in period and is thus ideal to cater immediate financial goals. NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund gave an attractive halal profit of 19.2% p.a in January 2024 to its investors.

Key Features of the NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund

  • Option of Monthly Payment Payouts: Option to transfer monthly profits directly into your bank account every month.
  • Optional Life Takaful Coverage: Up to 50 Lacs, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Easy Withdrawals through NBP Funds Swift Pay: No lock-in period, transfer up to 50 lacs in just 45 minutes, without penalty or profit. (Terms and Conditions Apply)
  • Additional Benefits: Withdraw and avail unlimited Golootlo discounts through NBP Funds Debit Card.

A Diverse Product Range for Every Investor

The product suite at NBP Funds is meticulously designed to cater to diverse investor profiles, from low-risk options for stable returns to high-risk products for those seeking long term growth.

At the forefront of customer service and technology, NBP Funds boasts a state-of-the- art, user-friendly application for investment tracking, complemented by efficient call center and WhatsApp transaction services. NBP Funds have retail networks across Pakistan, where you can meet representatives for financial planning or use digital services.

Ease of Investment and Customer-Centric Services

NBP Funds simplifies the investment journey with an easy Digital Account onboarding process, opening doors to a variety of NBP Funds investment products and services. Enhancing the customer experience, NBP Funds offers value-added services such as Debit Cards, Payment Books, and Swiftpay, ensuring a holistic investment approach.

Shariah Compliant Funds

NBP Funds offers a complete range of Shariah-compliant investment funds under supervision of Shariah Advisory Board which includes Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani, Mufti Ehsan Waquar Ahmad and Mufti Muhammad Naveed Alam.


NBP Funds stands as a partner in financial growth, especially in challenging economic times where having an additional source of income has become essential. Through its diverse saving options, customer-centric approach, and innovative products, it offers a hope for those struggling to find financial stability amidst rising cost of living. Embrace the opportunity with NBP Funds – where your savings can earn for you.

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