How to Extend Dubai Tourist Visa [Guide]

Dubai, renowned for its opulent lifestyle, modern architecture, and rich culture, magnetizes visitors worldwide. Yet, the standard 30 or 60-day tourist visa might not suffice to fully experience its splendors. Fortunately, Dubai provides a convenient visa extension process for those desiring a lengthier stay.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to extending your Dubai tourist visa, covering everything from fees to the application process.

Dubai Tourist Visa

A Dubai Tourist Visa permits entry and stays in the United Arab Emirates for tourism purposes, available in various durations, with 30 and 60 days being the most common.

Visa Extension

A visa extension allows legal prolongation of your stay in Dubai beyond the initial visa validity period. Dubai permits a single or double extension of 30 days each for most tourist visas, offering a maximum stay of 120 days.

How it Works

The process involves applying through authorized channels, such as government websites, mobile applications, or service centers. Applicants furnish necessary personal details, attach a passport copy, and pay the applicable fee. Confirmation of the extended stay typically arrives within 48 hours post-application processing.

Methods to Extend

GDRFA Website

  • Register or log in to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDFRA) website.
  • Submit a new visa extension application, ensuring all information is provided, and attach your passport copy.
  • Pay the service fee, amounting to Dh600, plus a five percent value-added tax.

GDRFA Dubai App

  • Download and log in to the GDFRA app.
  • Select the option to renew your residence visa from the dashboard.
  • Complete the required details, choose a delivery method, and submit the necessary documents along with the passport copy.

ICP Website

  • Register on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) website.
  • Access the public visa services section and choose the option to extend the current visa.
  • Fill out the application form, attach the passport copy, and proceed with fee payment.

Amer Service Centre

  • Visit the nearest Amer Service Centre for personalized assistance.
  • Obtain a turn ticket, submit the application, passport, and visa copy to the representative, and pay the fee.

Amer Website

  • Visit and select the UAE Tourist Visa section.
  • Choose the appropriate visa extension option, complete the application, and submit documents.
  • Proceed with the fee payment to finalize the application.

Important Points

While the visa extension fee remains consistent at Dh600, plus a five percent tax, the total amount may vary based on individual circumstances. Initiate the extension process well before the visa expires to avoid overstay fines.

Upon application submission, expect a response within 48 hours or less. Upon approval, receive confirmation of the extended stay, enabling further exploration of Dubai’s myriad offerings.

With the ability to extend your Dubai tourist visa, delve deeper into the city’s vibrancy and possibilities. Whether for leisure or business, Dubai beckons you to extend your stay and craft unforgettable memories in the UAE’s heart. Extending your Dubai tourist visa facilitates the exploration of this dynamic city’s wealth of experiences. With a straightforward application process and swift response times, extending your Dubai stay is seamless and enriching.

  • UAE have closed the visit visa facilities for Pakistanis. As of today, issuance of Visit Visa is closed.
    Confirm from travelling agencies.

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