CDA to Retrieve Land Worth Billions From Top Private Housing Society in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to reclaim 510 kanals of land allegedly under illegal possession by Bahria Enclave. In accordance with this decision, the civic authority sealed three plazas, including certain offices of the housing society.

According to reports, Chairman CDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa recently ordered the revenue and enforcement staff to initiate an operation against individuals who have encroached upon state land across Islamabad.

Following the directive, CDA’s Deputy Commissioner and senior special magistrate, Sardar Asif, sealed three plazas in Bahria Enclave allegedly constructed on CDA’s land. One of the sealed plazas reportedly housed various offices of Bahria Enclave.

Media reports, citing a report from CDA’s revenue department on Thursday, revealed that seven houses, three plazas, a zoo, and the main gate were erected on CDA’s 35 kanals of land.

The remaining land was unoccupied and designated as a park. However, encroachments were observed on CDA’s land along both sides of the road near the main gate, with many houses already sold to the public.

The report added that the civic agency’s 510 kanals of land were under adverse possession.

Back in 2018, CDA told Bahria Enclave to clear 510 kanals within a week, right after a local court rejected Bahria Town’s request to halt the demarcation of the disputed land. CDA carried out an operation, damaging the society’s main gate, but then stopped the operation.

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  • It was open secret that Bahria Town has encroachment in govt owned land . Let’s see how Bahria Town owner how changes this scenario as some action has been taken by CDA

    • Bahria Town is habitual in such activities. Has already encroached land beside Sawan River through out 8 km of the river side.
      The town has good history of firstly construct the zoo, then converts it to parks then to commercials.
      No judge can dare to take action against Bahria.

      • While Riaz Malik is influential, I have not only won my case against BT but got an execution order from civil court.
        However the D&SJ gave a stay order and no date is fixed for gearing over last 3 years in spite of three urgent applications..Why not, is anyone’s guess.
        So there are brave honest judges, and he did not ask for any bribe either.

  • Can CDA dare retrieve land from DHA?
    No way.
    According to the government all housing societies in the country are illegal except for DHA.

  • Well, the whole exercise is a mere eye wash. The Authority has been in deep slumber when the whole C sector was launched, interestingly,on the Kurri Model Village.The Enforcement Directorate couldn’t dare to touch the state land reserved for Kurri village affectees. CDA hasn’t won any case against B Enclave authorities,albeit, kept on approving layout plans.

    They kept sleeping and until now. There won’t be any activity after this. Locks will be broken in a few days. CDA Planning Wing kept on approving the Layout Plans of the B Enclave just a few months ago.

    Interestingly, the Special Magistrate has no powers even to seal these properties. Additionally, who stopped CDA to initiate any action against it’s own officials who are now sealing the buildings.

  • CDA Chairman should investigate this matter – the road leading to both of the societies are also on State Land – the societies has been approved access from the other side. Many heads will be removed once even this matter is investigated – who tried to assist BEnclave in hoodwinking this matter.

  • مکرمی و محترمی اسلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہ و برکاتہ میں آپ کی وساطت سے جناب چیرمین سی ڈی اے سے عرض کرنا چاہتا ہوں کہ انہوں نے حال ہی میں زر کثیر سے ماڈل ٹاؤن ھمک میں سروس روز تعمیر کی ہے
    لیکن اس سروس روڈ کے اوپر جگہ ہوٹل اور ورکشاپ کھل گئی ہیں جس یہ روڈ برباد ہو رہی ہے کیونکہ مارکیٹ کے پلاٹوں پر ایک قبضہ گروپ نے قبضہ کر رکھا لہذا ان مارکیٹوں کے پلاٹوں کو بھی واگزار کرا کر ان ورکشاپس کو وہاں منتقل کیا جائے تاکہ
    سروس روڈ برباد ہونے سے بچ جائے۔ شکریہ

  • The CDA always announce such steps but fails to implement it. New housing societies flourish right under its nose but it can not dare to stop these due to the curse of democracy and political factors neither they can plan for future utilisation of the land. Construction of multistory villas are under construction at the back end of the Margallah town phase 2 on the sideline of the Rawal Dam spillover, where a small mosque is also extending it are day by day and construction of houses are ag fsg space. Let the CDA keep itc eyes closed and later it will issue its warnings of illegal construction and harass the buyers.

  • The officers / clerks of CDA , who let this happen , should also b held accountable

  • اس میں کوئی شک نہیں کے بحریہ کے کتنے ایسے کیسیس سن چکے لیکن لگتا ہے بہت سے بھوکے پیاسے شکاریوں کی نظر آجکل پھر ملک ریاض کی جیب پر ہے۔
    یہ کون سا اور کہاں کا سی ڈی اے ہے جس کو ایک صدی بعد پتہ چلا کے یہ جگہ سی ڈی اے کی ہے۔
    اب اس کا کیا فیصلہ جس پر لوگ گھر بھی خرید چکے۔بکواسات ہیں توجہ ادھر سے ادھر کر کے اور اندر خانے کوئی اور کاروائی ۔

  • For that matter, every housing society should be sorted out and no one should be spared and we can pay our debts through this act , only, if we can…do it….goodluck….

  • Why did CDA stopped the action to vacate its land illegally occupied by Beharia in 2019 ? Was it PTI pressure or that of Military or the CDA Staff inefficiency and corruption.???
    Ahmad Khan

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