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Upcoming Affordable iPhone SE is Getting a Price Hike

Apple’s SE models for iPhones are supposed to be affordable versions of its main flagship lineup, but sadly, the next iPhone SE may see a slight price bump. According to a tipster on X, the iPhone SE 4 will cost $499, up from the $429 price tag on the previous iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE 4 is expected to launch sometime in 2025 and going by the latest rumor, the US price for this phone could go up by 10%, reaching around $470 in the region. It will likely be slightly higher around the $499 mark in the EU due to higher taxes.

The potential adoption of a more contemporary iPhone 14-style design and the incorporation of Face ID might serve as reasons behind the potential price increase. While uncertainties remain, given the considerable time gap since the previous iPhone SE release, a price rise wouldn’t be unexpected.

Since previous iPhone SE sales have not done much to the market share in the US, it remains to be seen whether this one, being more expensive than the last, as rumored will make much of a dent.

iPhone 16

As for the upcoming iPhone 16 in September, that lineup is expected to bring one of the biggest overhauls in iPhone history, not in terms of hardware, but software. iOS 18 is rumored to get its first taste of generative AI features similar to Samsung’s recently introduced Galaxy AI with the Galaxy S24 series. Only time will tell whether Apple’s implementation will be better than Samsung’s or Google’s.

Several reports have claimed that Apple is bringing a mix of cloud-based and on-device AI to iPhones. The cloud-based AI may be provided by OpenAI.

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