Google Has Been Lying About How Search Works: Leaked Document

Google’s search algorithm is arguably the most influential system on the internet determining the survival of websites and shaping the nature of online content. The precise methods Google uses to rank websites have remained enigmatic, gradually unraveled by journalists, researchers, and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals.

However, the inner workings of Google’s intricate Search system have now been exposed online through a massive new leak, which contains thousands of pages of internal company documents. This revelation casts doubt on the transparency of Google’s practices over the years since it shows that the search engine giant has been lying about Search.

Despite repeated requests for comment on the authenticity of the documents, Google has yet to respond.

Rand Fishkin, boasting over a decade of experience in SEO, reveals that a confidential source entrusted him with 2,500 pages of internal Google documents. The intent behind sharing this trove was to debunk the “lies” disseminated by Google employees regarding the functionality of the search algorithm. Fishkin asserts that these documents meticulously delineate Google’s search API, elucidating the scope of information accessible to its employees.

The revelations from the leak do not inherently substantiate the claim that Google employs the exact data and signals referenced for search rankings. Instead, the leak shows the types of data Google gathers from web pages, sites, and users, providing SEO experts with indirect insights into Google’s priorities and preferences.

Some of the information leaked by the documents shows that Google representatives have been sharing conflicting information as to how Search works. SEO expert Mike King wrote in his overview of the documents:

‘Lied’ is harsh, but it’s the only accurate word to use here. While I don’t necessarily fault Google’s public representatives for protecting their proprietary information, I do take issue with their efforts to actively discredit people in the marketing, tech, and journalism worlds who have presented reproducible discoveries.

  • Once upon a time Google said “Don’t be Evil”
    Now a days Google is most Evil company in the Tech. period…

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