‘Who’s Better Than Me?’ Imad Wasim Declares Himself the Best All-Rounder in the World [Video]

Imad Wasim recently crowned himself the best all-rounder in the world, only to be promptly ruled out of Pakistan’s first T20 World Cup match against co-host USA due to an untimely injury.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) shared a clip on social media featuring a candid moment where Imad Wasim was asked, “Who would be your first pick as an all-rounder?” With a straight face and no hint of irony, Imad boldly responded, “Imad Wasim.”

When pressed for a reason, Imad calmly retorted, “Who is better than me?” He backed up his bold claim by stating,

I usually bowl in the PowerPlay, which makes it even tougher for me. None of the all-rounders, I think, bowl in the PowerPlays consistently. They do bowl but not consistently, and I can bat from 4 to 8. So yeah, I think myself.

The Swansea-born Pakistani is not entirely wrong as his stats in the Caribbean speak volumes of his skill and talent with both the bat and ball.

While we can all appreciate Imad’s supreme confidence, the timing of this interview couldn’t have been worse. The “world’s best all-rounder” was subsequently ruled out of action for Pakistan’s crucial opening match against the USA on June 6, after sustaining an injury.

Fans are hoping for his swift recovery, especially since Pakistan’s next match is against their arch-rivals India on June 9 in New York—a game where his presence would be invaluable.

Published by
Sher Alam