Budget 2024-25: Punjab Announces Rs. 42.5 Billion for School Education

The Punjab government has unveiled a comprehensive budget of Rs42.5 billion for the school education department for the fiscal year 2024-25. This significant allocation is aimed at improving the quality of education through a variety of development programs and initiatives.

A key focus of the budget is on the completion of ongoing development projects, with Rs 6.87 billion dedicated to ensuring their timely conclusion. An additional Rs 2.6 million has been allocated for the upgradation of schools across Punjab.

To address student nutrition, the Chief Minister has set aside Rs 500 million for a school food program. This initiative aims to improve the nutritional standards for students across the province.

Moreover, Rs 13.76 billion has been earmarked for new development initiatives designed to strengthen the educational framework. This includes substantial funding for various projects intended to enhance the overall educational infrastructure.

Supporting alternative educational models, Rs 5.5 billion has been designated for outsourcing schools, and Rs 2.62 billion will support schools operating under public-private partnerships.

The Danish School Authority, which manages a network of model schools, will receive Rs 2.5 billion for its continued operations.

In addition to regular school programs, Rs 1.83 billion has been allocated for afternoon schools, providing extended learning opportunities for students. To address legal matters within the education sector, Rs 28 crore has been set aside for managing ongoing court cases.

Moreover, Rs 13.7 million has been allocated to fully operationalize the Children’s Library Complex in Lahore. This facility will offer improved learning materials and resources.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak