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10 Themed Restaurants in Islamabad

Are you even a true Pakistani if dining out isn’t one of your favorite recreational activities? And is there anything better than a creative and innovative café that can change your entire mood just by visiting it? I think not.

Lately, people have started to realize the prominence of themed cafes and for this very reason, I have compiled a list of 10 themed restaurants in Islamabad. They are not like regular fancy restaurants where you dress up nicely and eat in a sophisticated way and pay thousands of rupees. These restaurants target a specific audience and thus are very unique in their own way.

1. Smokey Cauldron F-6:

Smokey Cauldron is one of the most famous Harry Potter-themed restaurants in Islamabad. Going to this café is like entering the exciting and magical world of wizards. The pops and magical décor makes you feel as if you are in Harry Potter’s world.

2. Burnout Restaurant and Café F-7:

Located in F-7 Markaz, this restaurant is perfect for all car lovers out there. The chairs are customized specially for sports car lovers since the chair has wheels. The lighting is amazing and the ambiance has always been great. It serves great food for a restaurant that focuses only on appealing to car lovers.

3. Howdy F-7:

Ever since I was a kid, I was greatly attracted to countryside themes. I always wanted to ride bulls and horses like a cowboy. It sounds weird coming from a girl but it is what it is. Anyway, I was extremely shocked at how Howdy’s owner pulled off the whole cowboy theme so accurately. They also have cowboy hats that are worn to enhance the overall look and aesthetic of the restaurant.

4. Hot Spot (F-7):

The theme of the hot spot is Pakistani-film theme inspired. They have a huge variety of desserts to choose from. Their ice cream is one of the best in Islamabad. It’s a perfect spot to hang out with your friends after having a long day. Its name suits it well since it’s actually the hot spot.

5. Kallisto (Bahria Town):

Kallisto is one of the finest Greek/Egyptian-inspired restaurants located in Bahria Town. The outer appearance of the whole restaurant is rock-styled. It has 6 different dining rooms each very different and unique in its own way. The whole appearance gets enhanced at night when the whole town is lit and it feels like you are looking at fireflies.

6. Cave Restaurant (Blue Area):


Reading history, do you ever want to travel back in time and experience what cavemen experienced? Well, not exactly what they felt but close. Anyway, this restaurant is located in Blue Area, Islamabad. The whole place gives out a really cozy and romantic vibe. It gives you all the more reasons to travel back in time. The entire theme is cave-inspired and looks like something straight out of a movie.

7. Khoka Khola (F-6):


If you are someone who wants to enjoy the fancy touch of Islamabad’s restaurants and at the same time want to experience eating at a khoka, this place is for you. Situated in Beverly Centre Islamabad, Khoka Khola serves really good desi food with a touch of modernism.

8. Khyber Dodai (F-6):

I get it, it’s too desi for some of you but come on guys! Khyber Dodai serves great food. If you have been to KPK and enjoy shinwari every now and then, then you should visit Khyber dodai the next chance you get. The interior of the restaurant is very desi and cool at the same time.

9. 1969:

I have no idea how life was back in 1969 but my grandmother mentioned once that 1969 brings back a lot of memories for her. The location of 1969 is very dreamy and magical. Surrounded by a lot of trees, you can now forget the worries of the busy city and have a great, mystic evening.

10. Irish Café (F-11):

The entire restaurant is dim, neon-colored. It gives an extremely cool vibe. The food is really nice and economical. It’s a great place to hang out with your friends.

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