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4 Most Delicious Hi-tea Places in Islamabad

The culture of high tea has changed and evolved over-time. The ancient history dates back to the 19th century. For the upper class, having hi-tea became a social norm, and having tea between meals was to bridge the gap between meals. Soon, this became a mini-meal for all those who could afford it.

Initially, English Hi-tea consisted of tea, vegetables, cheese, bread, and meat. Then it evolved and also included peas, potatoes, and crackers. Currently, the term hi-tea/high tea or afternoon tea are used interchangeably. Hi-tea now includes a bunch of other varieties such as sandwiches, donuts, cakes, fried items, pasta, mini burgers, mini pizzas and so much more.

Islamabad offers a variety when it comes to Hi-tea. The 4 most visited hi-tea places in Islamabad include:

1. Nadia Café – Marriott Islamabad

Often people want to experience eating at a 5-star hotel without having to stay there. Nadia Café located inside Marriott is one of the best places for hi-tea. The variety is absolutely insane and the food is delicious.

From desi to continental cuisine, it has everything you can imagine. If you are a foodie, it is a dream come true. It’s a great way to decompress after a long day. Although it’s a bit expensive, trying it once doesn’t hurt.

Price: Rs.2,000 per person

Location: Marriott Hotel, Islamabad

2. Monal – Pir So Hawa

With a breathtaking view at monal, you can now have an escape from all the worries of the world and spend an evening relaxing while having one of the best hi-teas in Islamabad. Hi-tea platter comes in 2 different types i.e., Pakistani Hi tea platter and Continental hi-tea platter.

Pakistani platter has everything that can satisfy a desi person’s craving while the other platter includes everything that can satisfy your craving for continental food. They have a live station where exquisitely mouthwatering desserts are freshly prepared.

Price: Rs. 1,225 plus tax

Location: Margalla Hills

3. Mouthful (F-7)

Located on the rooftop of union gold mall, Mouthful offers one of the best hi-teas in Islamabad. With more than 15 items on the menu, and more than 5 types of desserts, it is one of a kind.

The food is delicious, the location is great, prices are moderate and service is exemplary. For kids between the ages of 1 to 4, they don’t charge. For kids between the age brackets of 5-8, they offer 50%.

Price: Rs.1045 plus tax

Location: Union Gold Mall, F-7

4. YUMS (F-7)

One of the most famous places in Islamabad, Yums, offers the best Chinese and Thai hi-tea. From sweet to spicy items, you can now satisfy your cravings without breaking your pocket. My favorite part about yum’s hi-tea is its variety of desserts. All desserts are so amazing that it gets difficult to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It comes with a great view of E-7 and Margalla hills. The parking is a bit chaotic at times but otherwise, it’s 10/10. Welcome drinks make me the happiest and thus, for me, Yums is it.

Price: Rs. 1,195 plus tax

Location: Next to Hardees F-7

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