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5 Best Burger Places in Islamabad

This wasn’t an easy list to make. In fact, it was one of the most difficult lists to make. I often wake up in the middle of the night because I see McCrispy and Zinger running after me for not making it to the list. They blame me but I did what was needed to be done and I did it for you guys only. I might be exaggerating but we are Islamabadis.

Who knows burgers more than we do? In actual fact, we are burgers. So, here is a list of the top 5 burger places in Islamabad. Each and every single burger is one of the best you will have in Pakistan.

1. Burger Fest (F-7)

Burger Fest is one of the best burger places in Islamabad. It got famous as soon as it opened because 1. Price Factor and 2. Taste. The burgers are cheesy, yummy, and absolutely delicious but most importantly, they don’t break your pocket. In less than 600 rupees, you can have an amazing burger with fries and coke.

It does not have a dine-in facility so you’d have to take away or eat in the car. I have had both, chicken and beef burgers at burger fest but I personally prefer the double patty mushroom/white sauce one more than others. I sometimes think that burgers at Burger Fest are not made of meat, patty, and sauces but rather love, joy, and effort.

2. Howdy (F-7 and Centaurus)

Howdy has been in the market for a while and it is very famous for its burgers. I am sure that if you are from Islamabad, you have already tried it multiple times and you don’t need me to convince you that Howdy has one of the best burgers in town. I sometimes get too carried away while writing because I just larveee burgers. If you are someone who fancies ambiance and the overall environment, you will definitely like Howdy.

As soon as you enter, you can feel the country effect hit you hard. With waiters dressed as cowboys and with the music, it’s almost like you are somewhere far away. But that isn’t even the best thing about howdy. It’s its food. The burgers, both beef, and chicken are to die for. I love Stay Mild the most because it comes with the double patty. I personally think that Howdy’s curly fries are the best. If you still haven’t tried howdy, what are you waiting for?

3. Char-Grilled Central (CGC)

CGC has a philosophy i.e., meat should never be frozen. To achieve the best taste, the meat must be freshly made. The meat is then paired with CGC’s famous pepper bombs. Initially, they offered more variety in beef but according to the famous demand of customers, they have introduced a bunch of chicken burgers.

Well honestly, I don’t personally think that chicken burgers should be called burgers. They are basically sandwiches. But whether it’s a burger or a sandwich, CGC is ready to blow your mind with its amazing taste. For people who have a big appetite, I’d recommend that you order the XL size.

4. Cannoli (F-7)

After Cannoli’s controversial video, I am sure a lot of you have decided to boycott it for food. But if I have to be honest, cannoli’s beef burger is one of the best beef burgers I have had in my entire life. It’s a bit on the expensive side because it costs more than PKR 1200 but man, it is so heavy and so fulfilling, I believe it’s worth the money.

Juicy Lucy is my all-time favorite. Its patty is stuffed with cheddar cheese and its sauce is made of cream cheese. It’s topped with lettuce, a slice of turkey bacon, and some other veggies. You can also get an extra topping of cheese for an additional PKR 80.

5. Rustic (E-7)

I had to save the best for the last. Café Rustic, located in E-7 is very famous for its steak and beef burger. When you will try Rustic’s beef burger, it will remind you of all the times when you discovered something exciting like seeing the sea for the first time or being in love for the first time. The feeling is magical and it’s all because it could not be better. They serve their burgers with sweet potatoes and that’s something I don’t like about Rustic.

But it’s the only thing. And nothing is perfect, right? The patty is so big, so juicy but it does not feel too heavy on the stomach. I don’t how that works but you can’t just have enough of the burger. If you feel like eating your burger in peace, rustic is the right place. It’s never too crowded and they always serve on time. Surrounded by trees and a good atmosphere, rustic was it. The game-changer. The best in Islamabad. And really, you don’t want to miss out even if it costs a little more.

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