Best seafood places in Lahore that you must try!

5 Best Seafood Places In Lahore

Just like in the case of all other cuisines and food categories, you can not challenge Lahore when it comes to seafood. Lahore is a city of foodies and the food enthusiasts in Lahore demand places that specialize in all kinds of food. This is the reason why you can easily find some of the best seafood places in Lahore. A good seafood place ought to provide, not only the best-tasting fish, prawns, and crab, but also a variety of seafood dishes that the customers can choose from. There are a few places in Lahore that live up to this criterion in the most phenomenal way. If you are new in Lahore and are looking for good seafood places, you need not worry anymore. Here is a list of the 5 best seafood places in Lahore that will give you the best experience.

RestaurantsLocationPhone NumberAverage Price
1. The Rice BowlGulberg 3, Lahore042 357899511990/-
2. Bistro 201Upper Mall Scheme, Lahore042 357763172100/-
3. Bamboo UnionMain Blvd, Gulberg, Lahore0301 84855742500/-
4. Novu Pan AsianGulberg 3, Lahore0331 92966882600/-
5. KinokoGulberg 2, Lahore0300 05466563500/-

1. The Rice Bowl

best seafood places in Lahore

This Japanese and Chinese restaurant located In Lahore provides the most extraordinary service. The seafood that The Rice Bowl serves is undoubtedly made to perfection and is a must-try. The prawns and fish that you will eat here have the most delightful flavors and aroma which will make you fall in love instantly. This place is also not very expensive so you can easily enjoy some quality seafood while staying within your budget.

The Rice Bowl offers both indoor and outdoor dining services. The ambiance of this place is the most relaxing. The relaxing ambiance combines perfectly combines with the most delicious seafood.

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
Location: 95 – B, Block D1, Gulberg 3 Opposite Mall 1, Gulberg III, Lahore.

1. Prawn Tempura; 450/-
2. Wasabi Prawns; 590/-
3. Spicy Honey Glazed Prawns; 450/-

2. Bistro 201

Bistro 201

If you are looking for a variety of seafood dishes, Bistro 201 is definitely the place for you. This restaurant offers a wide range of seafood which is not only professionally made but is also professionally served. The fish and prawns are prepared in accordance with authentic Chinese recipes. This is the reason why the customers never get enough of this place.

If you are a seafood fan, Bistro 201 will serve you just right. The taste of food is extremely delightful and so is the ambiance of this restaurant.

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
Location: 201 Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Upper Mall Scheme, Lahore.

1. Kushikatsu; 680/-
2. Prawn Tempura; 940/-
3. Finger Fish; 790/-

3. Bamboo Union

bet seafood places in Lahore

Bamboo Union is well known in the city for serving the best fish and all other kinds of seafood in Lahore. The perfection lies in the method of preparation of each item. The taste of each item is reflected in the unique and tempting names of the seafood dishes. Bamboo Union is one of the most recommended restaurants in Lahore for Thai, Sushi & Asian food, as well as seafood. This place is not to be missed out on.

Bamboo Union is the ideal choice if you want the most authentic Pan Asian experience. Enjoy the best-tasting food in the most serene environment.

Timings: 12 30 pm – 11 30 pm
Location: D, 95B, 1 Main Blvd Gulberg, Lahore.

1. Union Special Fish; 1300/-
2. Szechuan Fish Gravy; 1380/-
3. Grilled Fish; 1350/-

4. Novu Pan Asian

Novu Pan Asian

For the most delectable prawns in Lahore, Novu Pan Asian can become your ultimate go-to place. Novu Pan Asian has been catering to its customers with the most drool-worthy food for a long time. Their professionalism and precision in taste are the reason they have been able to win a huge number of regular customers. No matter what kind of seafood you are craving, Novu Pan Asian can be completely trusted. However, their Kung Pao Prawns can be rightly termed as a miracle.

Novu Pan Asian has a nice inviting ambiance. With a very cooperative and well-trained staff, they serve the most amazing food that is hard to get over.

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
Location: Shop # 3, Central Avenue 2-C, Near Hussain Chowk، Noor Jehan Rd, Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore.

1. Sweet & Sour Fish; 840/-
2. Prawns With Cashew Nuts; 920/-
3. Kung Pao Prawns; 920/-

5. Kinoko

wasabi prawns

Kinoko is a regular go-to for the locals who are obsessed with sushi. The place offers some wonderful seafood dishes that are unique in both, name, and taste. If you live in Lahore and have not visited Kinoko yet, you are definitely missing out. The place stays true to its promise and serves some of the most innovative dishes.

Kinoko is a unique restaurant with a Japanese vibe. The taste of the food and the service at this restaurant are both hard to beat.

Timings: 5 pm – 12 am
Location: 23/28, Sikandar Ali Malhi Rd, Canal Park, Gulberg 2, Lahore.

1. Dynamite Prawns; 1300/-
2. Wasabi Prawns; 1500/-
3. Crab Sashimi; 1700/-

This is our list of the best seafood places in Lahore. If you are crazy about seafood and know any other places, make sure you let us know!

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