5 Best Loaded Fries In Islamabad That Are A Must-Have

5 Places To Get Best Loaded Fries in Islamabad

There’s no denying that french fries are awesome. They come in different shapes and sizes and there’s no doubt that fries in all their forms are glorious. Crispy on the outside, cooked until golden, and served with your choice of sauce, french fries are a delightful treat to your tastebuds. Loaded fries are perfect as a snack, meal, or party food. There is no hard and fast rule to make loaded fries, these fries are basically loaded with chicken, cheese, and different sauces. So here are the 5 restaurants serving the best-loaded fries in Islamabad. These are delicious, crispy, and heavenly which will definitely leave you wanting for more.

Best Loaded Fries in Islamabad

1.Chaye Pani & Co.F-7 Markaz051-2723070PKR 530/-
2.Robert’s CoffeeF-7 Markaz051-8737809PKR 750/-
3.Laari Adda JunctionF-10 Markaz0333-5574719PKR 350/-
4.Rancher’s CafeI-8 Markaz051-8448855PKR 700/-
5.The Burger Co.F-11 Markaz051-2112600PKR 450/-

1. Chaye Pani & Co.

Best Fries in Islamabad

Chaye Pani & Co., located in F7 Markaz, has the best-loaded fries in Islamabad or even in the twin cities. It offers an excellent dining experience. The indoor setup has a warm and relaxing ambiance. They also offer an outdoor setting that is enjoyable too. The cafe has a good variety of food that includes soups, appetizers, salads, wings, burgers, pasta, loaded fries, snacks, churros, and a wide assortment of beverages.

The cafe, Chaye Pani & Co., offers six different types of loaded fries. Chicken Fajita-loaded fries and Buffalo Chicken-loaded fries among the others are truly loved by the people. These fries are finger-licking good with their special sauces and tender, delicious chicken. The quantity is generous and the fries are fresh. The customer service is top-notch and the cafe also provides delivery services. All in all, Chaye Pani & Co. is an excellent cafe to go to for a quick snack with your friends and colleagues.

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
– Chicken Fajita Loaded fries: PKR 530/-
– Buffalo chicken loaded fries: PKR 530/-
Address: Shop no 4, Block 13-P Empire Centre Jinnah Super Market, F 7 Markaz, Islamabad.

2. Robert’s Coffee

Best Fries in Islamabad

Located in F7 Markaz, Robert’s Coffee is an extravagant cafe with a lovely interior setup. The cafe offers a calming and relaxing ambiance to its customers. The clean and hygienic restaurant along with its tasty food is bound to give you an amazing experience. Though the cafe is popular among coffee/tea lovers for its outstanding beverages, its loaded fries are also a delightful treat to your palate.

The menu features an array of food items including starters, sandwiches, salads, panini, burgers, pasta, chicken & beef entrees, and desserts. They also serve a wide variety of refreshing and interesting beverages. The cafe offers four different types of loaded fries. BBQ Chicken loaded fries and Cheezy-loaded fries are highly recommended. The fries are freshly prepared and served with unique, and palatable sauces. Overall, the loaded fries by Robert’s Coffee are scrumptious, fulfilling, and are definitely worth the try.

Timings: 8 am – 12 am
– BBQ Chicken Loaded fries; PKR 650/-
– Cheezy Loaded fries: PKR 750/-
Address: Gol Market, Shop 4, Islamabad.

3. Laari Adda Junction

The next on the list for the best fries in Islamabad is Laari Adda Junction. The desi-style restaurant offers different types of desi and modern food. The overall ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant are nice and good. Located in F-10 Markaz, it certainly lives up to its reputation of providing delicious loaded fries. The fries come in a generous quantity and are available at reasonable prices. Other than the fries, the menu offers shakes, lassi, doner kebab, burgers, Laari Adda Special, and beverages.

The loaded fries consist of a good amount of marinated chicken and a cheezy sauce. Moreover, it is topped with Jalapenos and Olives. The fries are mouth-watering good and have just the right balance of flavors. Also, the junction offers home delivery services, a perfect solution to your mid-night cravings. All in all, Laari Adda Junction, offers some promising and tasty loaded fries that are economical as well.

Timings: 2 pm – 1 am
– Loaded Fries: PKR 350/-
– Fully Loaded Fries: PKR 550/-
Address:  Peer plaza shopping 4, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.

4. Rancher’s Cafe

Best Fries in Islamabad

If you are in for some tasty and scrumptious fries, then Rancher’s cafe is the right place for you. The cafe, located in I-8 Markaz, offers tasty food, a comfortable environment, and great service. Inspired by Wild West, the cafe offers delicious burgers at affordable prices. The menu includes a variety of beef burgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers, chicken wings, loaded fries, grilled chicken, and much more.

The loaded fries by Rancher’s Cafe have unique names such as Rancheese, cheeky fries, and Frizza. Frizza is absolutely wonderful that lets you experience the flavors of pizza coupled with fries. Also, the Rancheese loaded fries are a cheezy affair consisting of cheese, spicy sauces, and sausages. Overall, Rancher’s Cafe offers an amazing experience and is definitely worth visiting with your friends and family.

Timings: 10 am – 1 am
– Frizza: Medium PKR 700/-
– Rancheese: PKR 500/-
Address: Shop No. 4, Time Square Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

5. The Burger Co.

Best Fries in Islamabad

This burger joint is said to have the yummiest and the tastiest tender loaded fries in Islamabad. Located in F11 Markaz, The Burger Co. offers delicious food but lacks the proper sitting area. Nevertheless, the burgers and fries are much praised for their exceptional quality and quantity. The signature tender loaded fries have an amazing flavor making them one of the best fries in Islamabad. The juicy tender fries topped with special sauces are bound to make their way into your heart. In short, if you are looking for delicious burgers and fries at affordable prices then you should definitely check The Burger Co. out.

Timings: 1 pm – 11 pm
– Tender Fries: PKR 450/-
– Messy fries: PKR 490/-
Address: Time Square Plaza, Hilal Rd, next to D. Watson, F 11 Markaz, Islamabad.

These are the 5 places with the best fries in Islamabad that we recommend you to try. Do comment on what are your favorite loaded fries restaurants in Islamabad. Till then, Enjoy!

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