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Best Restaurants to Hang Out with Your Friends  

With more than 200 restaurants to hang out with your friends and family in Islamabad, choosing the best can always be somewhat difficult because of the subjective nature of people’s choices. Restaurants come in every style, theme, size, and price point.

You will find countless individuals arguing about the best place for Italian, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, and desi. Anyway, here is a list of 5 restaurants you can hang out with your friends after having a long day at work. They offer great service along with great ambiance and food. So trust me, you don’t want to miss out.

1. Hot Spot (F-7):

I have been going to the hot spot for as long as I have been in Islamabad. And trust me, I have been in Islamabad for a really long time. It feels like home because of its super cozy atmosphere and great ice cream.

Ice cream makes everything better, doesn’t it? The theme of hot spot is film-inspired and this makes it all the more worthwhile. And for my girls, the pictures come out REAL nice. So you can hang out with your friends, have great food and in short, have a prodigious time.

2. Secret Sky (F-10 & F-7):

Good vibes can soothe your soul. And there is no better way to soothe your soul than be under the poetic sky of Islamabad. The environment is so pleasant and unique that it genuinely puts you in a better mood. Secret sky secretly steals your heart. You can just not avoid going there.

The best part is its bonfire and fairy lights. They tend to make your evenings magical. The only drawback is its tight parking space. You can hardly ever park your car in less than 10 minutes. You either have to park far away or wait for someone to leave. But whatever the case is, it’s worth the experience.

3. Burning Brownie (Beverly Centre):

Name a better place for desserts in Islamabad, I will wait. No place can ever come close to Burning Brownie when it comes to desserts. And its chocolate shake is to die for. I was so curious that I once asked the owner what it has made of, to which he replied, “Love. And some homemade chocolate, of course”.

His desserts are not only unique but super creative. Ammar, the owner of Burning Brownie is one of the most humble individuals I have come across. Don’t hesitate to meet him if you ever see him. He will make your experience 10 times better.

4. FindBlu (F-7):

Blue walls, blue tables, and blue chairs. Blu tends to take away your Monday blues. Building retention and customer loyalty make blu incomparable. Sermad Altaf, the owner, makes sure that you have a great time. He is very open to customer feedback and makes sure that he incorporates it to satisfy his customers.

Recently they introduced brownies and muffins to their menu and they make you crave for more. If you are around, please go and have their hot chocolate because it will definitely make you come back for more.

5. Chalet (F-7):

You cannot just not love Chalet for it has the most amazing dim lights and small wooden chairs and tables. Chalet is basically a small wooden house, especially in a mountain area or a holiday camp. Visiting chalet, you will realize that its name suits the over theme a lot. Adventure is where chai is. And chalet makes sure that you have a great time hanging out with your loved ones. 

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