Tacos in Karachi that are Worth Trying!

Best Tacos in Karachi That You Need To Try!

The quest to find crunchy and spicy tacos in Karachi never really ends. There are only a few praise-worthy taco joints in Karachi offering real authentic food. So to help you in your quest to find authentic Mexican food, we have enlisted the 4 best restaurants offering delicious tacos in Karachi. These restaurants will surely deliver what they promise with their spicy and scrumptious traditional tacos and other Mexican food.

Top 4 Places of Tacos in Karachi

1.TacocatDHA Phase 60300-2645750PKR 350/-
2.BurridosDHA Phase 6 021-38920894PKR 550/-
3.Adobo Mexican GrillDHA Phase 60303-2223626PKR 700/-
4.LocoDHA Phase 50304-2694094PKR 850/-

1. Tacocat

Tacos in Karachi

Tacocat is a popular Mexican eatery serving authentic Mexican street food to Karachiites. Located in DHA, Tacocat is known to serve some of the best tacos in Karachi. The menu consists of tacos, burritos, dips, drinks, and wraps. They also have a kids menu that is made keeping into consideration the tastes and sizes of meals tolerated by children. They serve the crispiest, juiciest, and hottest tacos in town that are sure to bring joy to your life.

The menu features chicken tacos, beef tacos, and even vegetarian tacos. Everything, from tacos to not tacos, served by the place is delicious and crunchy. Especially the El Diablo taco that consists of a flaming hot Cheetos crusted fried chicken, topped with lettuce, and spicy salsa. If we talk about their starters then their mini Quesadilla and Guacamole are finger-licking good. To sum up, this taco joint is sure to satisfy your Mexican cravings.

Timings: 1 pm – 12 am
– El Diablo: PKR 350/-
Address: Lane 3, Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

2. Burridos

Tacos in Karachi

Burridos is another restaurant located in DHA Phase 6 that caters to the Mexican needs of the locals. The restaurant basically specializes in wraps but nonetheless, their tacos are also quite popular among Mexican food lovers. This place serves healthy and wholesome burritos that are filled with fusion flavors to cater to the savory needs of the customers. Burridos is an expensive restaurant but the taste of the food makes up for it.

The extensive menu features starters, gourmet wraps, value wraps, chimichangas, tacos, burrito bowls, and beverages. The variety of burritos offers unique yet distinctive flavors that lets you have a complete Mexican experience. Moreover, aside from burritos, their tacos also have a class of their own. These tacos are crunchy and flavorful. However, the menu has limited flavors of tacos to offer. These include original tacos, Crispy Chicken Tacos, Steak and Cheese tacos, and The Fajita Tacos.

Timings: 12:30 pm – 12:30 am
– Crispy Chicken Tacos: PKR 460/-
– Original Tacos: PKR 550/-
Address: Plot no. 1C, Street no. 2, Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6 DHA, Karachi.

3. Adobo Mexican Grill

Tacos in Karachi

Adobo Mexican Grill is a famous and fairly new Mexican Restaurant serving some of the best tacos in Karachi. The restaurant offers a warm and cozy ambiance with a casual sitting area. They use only fresh and high-quality ingredients with an aim to satisfy their customers. Their food is exceptionally good with every bite having a perfect savory flavor.

Ordering food at Adobo Mexican grill is fun as you can customize your meals. The steps to customization are easy and convenient. You start off by choosing what you want either a burrito, a taco, a burrito bowl, or even a salad. Then moving on to the second step, you choose your choice of filling (chicken, beef, vegetarian) with the third step having to choose salsa and sauces. So if you are looking for some mouth-watering, delightful tacos, then do check this place out. Also if you are visiting the place with your friends or family, you can also order their taco kit for 4 persons and 6 persons at a price of PKR 2700/- and PKR 3900/- respectively.

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
– Ground beef tacos: PKR 680/-
Address: Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area, Karachi.

4. Loco

Loco is a tapas bar and Restaurant located in Defence 5 of Karachi. The restaurant is a mix of Spanish and Mexican dishes, thereby being one of a kind. For instance, Tapas, the starters of the restaurant, is a part of Spanish cuisine whereas Tacos is a Mexican dish.

Coming onto the tacos by Loco, these tacos are really good and scrumptious especially the Carne Asada taco. The tacos with its perfect blend and fusion of flavors and super crunchy shells are incredibly good. However, they are a little pricey compared to other Mexican food restaurants. But still, Loco offers some really tasty and ravishing Mexican and Spanish meals. So, if you are in to try some new flavors, do check this place out.

Timings: 12 pm – 10 pm
– Carne Asada Taco: PKR 850/-
– Beefsteak taco: PKR 850/-
Address: 10th Commercial Ln, Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Karachi.

That’s all for the tacos in Karachi. We hope this list will help you in satisfying your taco cravings. Do let us know your experience and we will make sure to keep our articles updated.

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