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The Best Biryani in Pakistan

You can just not have a bad food experience when it comes to desi food in Pakistan. You name it, Handi? Best. Pulao? Best. Karahi? Best? And biryani? Do I even need to tell you that biryani is literally the best dish of Pakistan? I am amazed at how it’s not yet declared as the national dish of Pakistan.

There is no doubt that the biryani experience in Pakistan is unparalleled. The quorma is usually made separately and then added to boiled rice in layers. This pattern helps in achieving the perfect taste of the perfect dish.

Whenever you want to treat your taste buds, these 5 places should be your go-to.

1. Madni Biryani: (Karachi)

If you are a resident of Karachi city, you probably know that this is the best biryani in Karachi. If you are someone who is visiting KHI, you can’t just come back without visiting madni biryani. This biryani tends to blow your mind. The best thing about madni biryani is that it is neither too spicy nor too tangy.

It has the perfect balance of spicy and tangy flavor. You can choose between chicken and beef biryani because both are equally good. It is one of the most affordable biryanis with the most authentic taste and thus, it will be unfair not to give it a try.

2. The White Biryani: (Karachi)

If you want to try something new, white biryani is for you. Unlike traditional biryanis, rice isn’t saffron-colored, but rather white. But don’t get deceived by the color of the rice. This biryani is as spicy as regular biryanis. The best thing about the white biryani is that it’s served with fresh gulab jamuns, fresh salad, raita, and a glass of cold drink. It’s like everything you need is being served at one spot. The price factor, taste, uniqueness, combined make it one of the best biryanis in Pakistan.

3. Karachi Biryani and Fried Chicken: (Multan)

You can’t even tell if this biryani is out of the world or not? It’s that good. I had the chance to try it out when I visited Multan. And hands down, again, one of the best biryani in Pakistan. It often gets difficult to narrow it down to one type of biryani or one biryani place.

It’s like you have to choose between Fanta and Miranda. How can you choose one when both taste equally good? The entire restaurant is very spacious and can accommodate a lot of people. It is always well-lit and easy on the pocket.

4. Biryani King: (Lahore)

Biryani King claim that they serve the best biryani in Lahore and you can’t argue with them. They are not just serving the best biryani in Lahore but other items on the menu also qualify as one of the best served in Lahore. Whether they are parathas, kababs, karahis, handis, biryani king serves the best in town. I visited biryani king last year in Ramadan and discovered Ramadan boxes that include delicious deals. Anyway, if you are in Lahore, do give it a try.

5. Chaman Biryani: (Islamabad)

Chaman Biryani serves the best biryani in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. With more than 4 branches spread in different areas, the taste of this biryani is very close to the authentic taste of Karachi biryani. Its specialty is Hyderabadi egg biryani. If you are someone who has a hard time finding the best biryani in Pakistan, ease your struggle because Chaman biryani is it.

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