Top 10 breakfast places in Karachi to begin your day perfectly

Top 10 Breakfast Places In Karachi You Need To Try

Breakfast is ALWAYS a big deal, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! Breakfast, being the first meal of the day, determines the mood of the whole day. A good breakfast prepares you for anything that life throws at you for the rest of the day. If you live in Karachi and are looking for the best breakfast places in Karachi, you have come to the right place. Karachi is famous for its food and there is no denying the fact that when it comes to breakfast, the city will not disappoint you. Here is a compiled list of ten amazing breakfast places in Karachi which will make sure you start your day right!

Restaurants Location Phone Number Average Price
1.       Butler’s Chocolate Café Phase 6, DHA, Karachi 021 35301927 1390/-
2.       N’ECO’S Natural Café Phase 6, DHA, Karachi 021 35242654 1300/-
3.       Marcel’s Block 5, Clifton, Karachi 0315 8102222 1475/-
4.       FLOC- For The Love Of Coffee Phase 5, DHA, Karachi 0303 3263333 1620/-
5.       Espresso Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Karachi 021 35342725 1240/-
6.       Xander’s PECHS, Karachi 021 34551096 1760/-
7.       Tooso Bahadur Yar Jang CHS, Karachi 0311 1186676 800/-
8.       Del Frio Block 7, Clifton, Karachi 021 111 454 647 981/-
9.       E Street Mews Café Block 4, Clifton, Karachi 0349 4111911 1300/-
10.   Bella Vita PECHS, Karachi 021 111 435 286  1330/-

1. Butler’s Chocolate Cafe – Most Popular Of The Breakfast Places In Karachi

breakfast places in Karachi

Offering an irresistible breakfast menu, Butler’s Café is one of a kind. If you have been looking for the best breakfast places in Karachi for a long time, this café might as well mark an end to your quest. From the perfect hot or cold coffee options to some delicious omelets, this café excels in everything. A good value for your money, a perfect, relaxing environment, and scrumptious breakfast options, Butler’s Chocolate Café is a whole package. Butler’s Chocolate Café is making its customers happy not only in Karachi but also in other cities of Pakistan.

Timings: 10 am – 10 pm
Ambiance: 10/10
Food: 9/10

1. Full Irish Breakfast
2. Espresso Vanilla

2. N’ECO’S Natural Store And Cafe

breakfast in karachi

N’ECO’S is just the perfect place for you if you’re someone who prefers an organic lifestyle. Karachi is filled with breakfast options. No matter what type of diet you prefer, you can find a place that suits your needs. N’ECO’S isa perfect example of this. The restaurant, till now, runs a monopoly in the city as there are no other restaurants of the same nature. From organic, whole-wheat items, to vegan and gluten-free options this restaurant has everything in store for you. You no longer have to avoid eating out while trying to eat clean and that’s just a dream come true!

Timings: 8 am – 11 30 pm
Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 9/10

1. Cheese and Mushroom Omelet
2. N’ECO’S French Toast
3. N’ECO’S Muesli & Granola

3. Marcel’s


A perfect place for special events, Marcel’s café does wonders when it comes to class and taste. The place is named after Marcel Le Roux, a famous traveler from Paris whose journey came to a rest in Karachi. Marcel’s specializes in meals and snacks and has been catering to its customers’ needs with the yummiest food. When it comes to breakfast, Marcel’s offers a wide variety of freshly baked bread to choose from. Not only that you can also enjoy some fresh from the oven croissants which will give an all-new experience to your tastebuds. You can enjoy all this with a perfect cup of tea or coffee made just how you like it.

Timings: 8 am – 12 30 am
Ambiance: 10/10
Food: 9/10

1. Scrambled Egg In Croissant
2. Spinach, Feta, and Mushroom Omelet
3. Smoothie Bowl



A café very well known for its coffee; FLOC also won’t disappoint you when it comes to breakfast. The restaurant is breezy which makes it perfect for a morning time meal. The cooperative staff is the icing on the cake, and you will always leave this place in a good mood, with a happy tummy. FLOC has a wide range of breakfast options to choose from. The café offers some of the yummiest omelets which you can enjoy with your favorite bread and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. All this even sounds appetizing right? Try this place at our suggestion, you will not regret it!

Timings: 8 am – 11 59 pm
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9/10

1. American Pancakes
2. Cinnamon Swirl French Toast
3. Steak and Cheese Omelet

5. Espresso

espresso karachi

This café was the first one to introduce gourmet-style coffee in Pakistan. The popularity of the café is justified by the quality food and service provided to the customers. The taste of food is extraordinary, which will be the reason you’ll find yourself going back again and again. The breakfast menu at Espresso is all you can possibly crave on a Sunday morning. The serving size is quite fulfilling, and the restaurant is quite affordable. Best pancakes, waffles, and French toast, Espresso café will deal with all your moods.

Timings: 8 am – 1 am
Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 9/10

1. Powder Breakfast
2. Breakfast Sandwich Combo
3. Shakshuka

6. Xander’s


Get your hands on the most delectable breakfast at Xander’s Café. This café has a unique way of dealing with all your breakfast cravings and leaving you happy and fulfilled. Everything listed on the breakfast menu depicts clearly how the café focuses on providing a variety to its customers. The café has an inviting ambiance, which creates the dreamiest combination with freshly made breakfast items. Xander’s is definitely a must visit for the Karachi locals.

Timings: 8 am – 12 am
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9/10

1. Nutella French Toast
2. Blueberry Granola Bowl
3. Croissant With Scrambled Eggs

7. Tooso – Most Reasonable Of The Breakfast Places In Karachi


Tooso is another one of the best breakfast places in Karachi. The place does not compromise when it comes to the taste and quality of food. Whether you’re having a fried egg or an omelet, Tooso will make sure that the breakfast served is up to the mark. Tooso has been serving its customers in Karachi since a very long time. The restaurant currently has two branches in the city.

Timings: 7 am – 12 am
Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 9/10

1. Cheese Omelet
2. Fried Eggs
3. Cold Coffee

8. Del Frio

best breakfast places in Karachi

This café has only a few competitors when it comes to breakfast in Karachi and that is because of the customer loyalty that this place has been able to win. Del Frio excels in breakfast dishes and that is agreed upon by many locals. The place will offer you a variety of pancakes and waffles which will simply mesmerize you. On the top of all this, Del Frio is not even out of the way expensive!

Timings: 8 am – 10 30 pm
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9/10

1. Cheese & Mushroom Omelet
2. Breakfast Burrito
3. Nutella Pancakes

9. E Street Mews Cafe

Mews Cafe

If you are choosy about your breakfast and are a fan of variation, Mews Café can become your ultimate most favorite stop for breakfast. Each item offered by this place is prepared keeping in mind the importance of authenticity and the right ingredients. Everything from shakshuka eggs to omelets is simply phenomenal at Mews Café. The breakfast items served at Mews are foreign, not only in name but also in taste.  If you live in Karachi, you will not regret visiting this place!

Timings: 8 am – 12 30 am
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9/10

1. Scrambled Eggs With Pepperoni
2. Steak & Eggs
3. Ricotta Pancakes

10. Bella Vita – One Of The Best Breakfast Places In Karachi

Bella Vita

If you are looking for a sweet and savory variety in your breakfast, Bella Vita will do that for you with absolute grace. The place is perfect for any time of the day but is simply exceptional when it comes to breakfast. Bella Vita knows exactly what a customer expects from a good breakfast and makes sure to serve just that. Everything you taste here will make a mark on your memory for sure!

Timings: 8 am – 12 am
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 10/10

1. Breakfast Pizza
2. Eggs Benedict
3. Nora’s Granola With Thickened Flavored Yoghurt

This was our list of the 10 best breakfast places in Karachi. You can visit any of them to have the best time and the most delicious food. Feel free to share your opinion and we’ll make sure to keep updating our list according to the latest reviews and comments.

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