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Top 5 Pizza Places in Islamabad

Have you ever wondered that we, Islamabadis, need pizza the same way a flower needs sunlight or a pindi boy needs a bike? In simple words, it’s just important. That’s why we took months to find the perfect pizza places for you. On several occasions, we wanted to give up.

We thought to ourselves, “This is probably the last slice of pizza we are going to have” and then boom, we would have the next slice in our hands. And then the next. It wasn’t an easy task finding the best pizza places in Islamabad, but it wasn’t boring. It was exciting and fun in a very unique way. Anyway, we ranked 5 pizza places with the first one being the best and the last one being, well, not best but pretty good.

1. Quatro Uno (E-7)

This pizza place serves the best Neapolitan-style pizza. Upon trying, we realized that it’s nothing like the pizzas we have had our entire life. It’s so different, so unique, but super amazing. It costs a bit more than regular pizzas keeping in mind that its serving size is small but it’s actually worth it.

The sitting space is small but feels like a spiritual place to worship pizza. The crust is thin, but not too thin. It’s literally perfect because it’s both soft and crispy. This pizza is the type of pizza that stands out in a room full of stars. I can’t imply enough but it’s just one of the best I have had my entire life. You are actually missing out if you haven’t tried this one.

2. Upper Crust (Beverly Center)

I want someone to love me the same way I love the Upper Crust. When I tried Upper Crust for the first time, I was a bit confused because its crust felt a little overcooked. It felt too crispy for a pizza. But when I took more bites, I was actually in love. Its crust is thin and light and never sags like most pizzas. The best thing about Upper Crust is its cheese. Being fond of cheese, I am always able to figure out if the cheese used is of good quality or not.

I could literally eat their cheese alone. I always like to get an extra topping of cheese because, for me, pizza is all about cheese. Trust me, after a slice, you will genuinely feel happy and will want to have more. And then you will have another slice. And then the next till you eat the entire pizza by yourself. I have never done that, just by the way. Or maybe I have. You will have to try it to find out.

3. Pizza Originale (Located in multiple sectors)

It’s difficult to have an original pizza experience in Islamabad but Pizza Originale makes sure that you have the best experience of Italian-style pizza. Pizza Originale opened back in 2013 and serves one of the best thin-crust pizzas. Pizza Originale’s interior is designed in a way that allows its customers to have a look at how their pizzas are made.

There is a rustic charm to this pizza place. Pizza is served in a wooden dish and instead of regular plates, they have wooden plates. It’s actually supposed to take you back to the original pizza experience. You can season your pizza with red chili flakes, garlic powder, and olive oil if you desire.

4. Downtown Slice (F-11 Markaz)


The Downtown Slice, located in F-11, Islamabad has been serving one of the best pizzas. It has a bucolic charm to it. They make their pizzas in a wood-fired brick oven. I swear it looks a lot fancier than it sounds. The texture and flavor are genuinely very distinctive. If you like a crispy crust, you can get the double-baked one.

It is baked twice so that all pizza lovers can enjoy exactly the type of pizza they desire. A little warning: You should eat your pizza hot because upon cooling, it will not stay as crispy as it was when it came. There are several layers to this pizza and every layer is so perfect in its own way that you won’t even feel the need to add extra toppings.

5. 14th Street


The best thing about 14th Street is that their service is so amazing that you can hardly believe that you are paying them. You can customize your pizza exactly as you crave. 14th Street was the initiator of the ‘One Slice is a Meal’ concept. It was basically the pioneer in introducing the New York-style 20-Inch hand-tossed pizza in Pakistan.

As they say, “Our success lies in the unending devotion to keep delivering the biggest, yummiest pizza in town with the use of freshest toppings, the finest sauces and only the most delectable cheese on its New York Style hand-tossed pizzas, fuelled by the love, encouragement, and feedback of our fans.”

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