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Top Budget Restaurants in Islamabad

Islamabad city is one of the priciest cities in Pakistan. But, if you know where to look, it doesn’t have to be this way. All the foods offered at a very high price are also offered at a reasonable price. You just need to have the right eye to notice. Eating without getting broke is a challenge in Islamabad. In this article, I will mention a bunch of restaurants that offer food at a budget-friendly price.

1. Ginyaki:

The interior of Ginyaki; dimly lit, high ceiling contrasts its exterior greatly. This restaurant has been in the market since 2017 and offers a huge variety of Chinese food at a low price. You can choose between chicken, beef, and seafood. You get to make your own bowl.

Although the concept of making your own bowl wasn’t new in Pakistan, it was definitely the first in Islamabad. Whatever you select to add to your bowl, it will never cost you more than 700-800 rupees. And if you are someone who doesn’t eat a lot, you can share your bowl with your family or friends. If you haven’t visited Ginyaki yet, you should.

2. Doka Mocca:

Back in 2019, I was hanging out with my friends after taking a class at university. We wanted to go somewhere cheap and affordable. That’s when one of my friends recommended Doka Mocca. Everything on the menu was very affordable and came with huge serving size. Everything on the menu was less than PKR 500 except a few things. I got their recommended Crazy Decker Burger with a side of fries and soda. It costed me around PKR 450 which was very reasonable compared to the size of the burger. Anyway, if you want to enjoy a great evening with friends and family, Doka Mocca will never disappoint you.

3. The Guy Who Cooks:

This guy has literally come a long way. He started his own burger place recently after receiving an overwhelming response from the public. His special beef burger is actually very special. It has a perfect blend of flavor, taste, spices, and love. Located in G-8 Islamabad, it does not offer a great place to sit but the great food compensates for it.

Burgers come with a side of fries and cost less than 400 rupees except for a few beef burgers. I visited this place back in October of 2020 and had one of the best burgers of my life. Nothing beats good food and the guy who cooks knows it.

4. Coffee Castle:

Well, honestly, I am not sure if civilians are allowed to visit this place because it is located in Chaklala Garrison, Rawalpindi. But if you are allowed to go, you cannot just miss out on this restaurant. I know this restaurant isn’t in Islamabad but it seemed unfair to not include it in the list. It has the best food in town and that too, at a very reasonable price.

You can literally order a starter, main course, and dessert, and all of this will cost you less than PKR 1000, combined. If I sound insane, how about you give it a try and thank me later, alligator?

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