How To Become More Valuable To Your Company While Working Online

Job security is a serious concern for so many employees in today’s workforce. Knowing that so many positions are being outsourced, cut, or revamped, makes it difficult to believe that anybody’s job is completely safe. So, where do we define a motive for capitulation? Here’s how to become more valuable to your company while working online.

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In any workplace, you’ll still find people who are absolutely indispensable – that is to say that productivity would grind to a halt if they were suddenly no longer there. And it’s not just C-level executives who hold this distinction; it could be an employee at any level in any department of the organization.

Being indispensable at work means that your supervisors count on you so much that without you, the productivity of your department might suffer, or at least that’s the perception.

In the minds of your supervisors and perhaps your co-workers, you are essential to the overall success of the department or even the company. Their feeling is that you are a necessary and valued part of the machine – they depend on you.

So, where do we start?


Do Work That Matters, Not Work That’s Easy

Remotely, employees can find work-related tasks to stay busy, pass the time, and fly under the radar of the boss.

To become indispensable, you’ll want to dig deeper and really think about the work that matters to the company and its success. Tackle those projects first!

But what benefits does indispensability brings to the table?

Look guys; clap with both hands. You’re more likely to get a raise or promotion; and you may be sought out for special projects, opinions, and direction.


Monopolize A Particular Skill | How To Become More Valuable To Your Company While Working Online

Find some task that needs to get done by the organization and make sure that you are the only person who knows how to do it.

You will have the chance when somebody who already has a unique skill leaves the company, and you step in to replace them. Or it will happen when a new initiative is created that requires skill the company has never before had.


The 3 Pivots Of Success | How To Become More Valuable To Your Company While Working Online

If you are the only person who is a trusted advisor to your company’s biggest customer, you will be essential to the company.

Find relationships that are crucial to the company’s survival or ability to get things done, and become the point person who maintains the relationship. Build it up over time.

  • Be a thought leader

When everyone agrees, it is difficult to stand out.

By applying yourself in a way that provides new and valuable thinking for your company, you become a thought leader.

  • Be a team player

To be indispensable, you not only need to prove yourself to your supervisor, but to your co-workers as well.

If they’re always looking to you to lead them, to be the point person on projects, even though you aren’t their supervisor, this speaks volumes about you.
Furthermore, offer to help your co-workers when they run into a problem. If you do, they will see you as their colleague and mentor which can only help your work relationship with them.

Adding Value | Staying Committed

It sounds obvious, and it may even sound easy, but what often truly sets the indispensable workers apart from the replaceable cogs in the machine is a die-hard work ethic and commitment to quality.

If you are the best at what you do, you are likely to be the last one to go.

When completing your work, you should always ask yourself:

  • Have I taken the extra step?
  • Has my report/response truly added value to the bottom line of this company?

Again, it might sound obvious, but it’s easy to find people who don’t appreciate having a job at all. It gets much harder to find people who make the virtual office a pleasant place to ‘come’.

Everyone likes working with people who seem like they are happy to be there, and if choosing between two employees who are equally good at their jobs, a manager is more apt to axe the grumpy one.

We have to adapt to these steps for the work-from-home situation that has dominated the work sector. Staying up-to-date with tech and trends in behavior are important aspects of self-learning. Yes; but you also need to follow a set of rules – as discussed above – to increase your job retention rates.


Well, there you have it guys! This was all about how to become more valuable to your company while working online. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the section provided below.

Good luck!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi