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How to Clean Your PlayStation 4 Fans

A Step-by-Step Guide

how to clean your playstation 4 fans

All the ambitious PS4 users out there must know by now that to keep your PlayStation in its best condition, it is wise to clean it every now and then. Follow our guide on how to clean your PlayStation 4 fans to improve their performance.  

Known and appreciated for its miniature size and sharp rhombus-shaped edges, the PlayStation 4 is a remarkably useful device. It is almost perfect with only one serious drawback: its ducted fans.

Over the course of time, the fans in your PlayStation4 trap dust and have to work twice as hard to keep the system cool. A dust-clad PS4 fan tends to make a lot of loud noise as it moves extra fast and should be cleaned up to quiet it down.  

Here is how you can fix this problem in simple and easy steps. 

How to Clean Your PlayStation4 Fans 

What Will You Require to Clean Your PlayStation 4 Fans  

To begin, you will require the following basic things: 

  • One Standard Phillips-head Screwdriver: To open a few screws inside the PS4 that require this specific screwdriver.  
  • One TR9 Torx Security Bit Screwdriver: A PS4 works best with the small center-holed T9 security screwdriver to open its screws.  
  • Knife or a Sharp Object: To rip off the stickers that cover the rear screws. 
  • A blower or Can of Compressed Air: To blow the dust out of the fans.  
  • Cotton Balls: To help clean up some of the dust on the fans. You can also use a cotton swab for this.  
  • Flashlight: To better inspect the hardware and inside spots.  
  • Cleaning Brush with Hard Bristles: To scrub out any caked dust from the blade gaps.  

1. Power Off and Unplug Your PlayStation4 

  • Always make sure that your PS4 is completely powered off and unplugged before you open it and start cleaning. If your PlayStation is in Rest Mode and is showing an orange light, turn it down completely.  
  • To power off your console, press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller. This will open the Quick Menu. Go to Power and then select Turn Off PS4. After all the lights on your PS4 turn off, unplug the power cable, HDMI cord, and all other wires and USB devices connected to your console. how to clean your playstation 4 fans

2. Remove Stickers and Unscrew the Screws 

  • Turn your PS4 around so that its back is towards you and flip it around 
  • Here you will see three stickers in line with the power cable port. Remove those stickers carefully with a knife or a sharp pointy object. Try not to damage anything by putting scratch marks as you remove them.  
  • After you have removed the stickers, take the TR9 screwdriver to unscrew the screws that are under the stickers. Once out, set the screws safely aside

3. Take the Cover Off 

  • Once you have taken out the screws, the cover will come right off as the screws hold it in place. Simply tug the cover up and pull the edges slightly.  
  • Clean any dust on the cover that you might see with a blower or a cotton swab before putting it aside.  
  • You will be able to see your fan in the system by now but you must first remove another component.  

4. Remove the Power Supply 

  • Before you plunge into the heat sink and thoroughly clean the fan, you need to take out the power supply first.  
  • The PSU is held in place by five screws. Three of these five screws will require a TR9 security screwdriver to unscrew and two will use a standard Phillip screwdriver. Carefully use each screwdriver to unscrew the five screws.  
  • Once you have carefully removed all five screws, you can remove the PSU. Carefully grab it by the sides and pull it gently upwards. It is connected to the motherboard through a cable underneath so make sure you don’t accidentally remove that. After lifting it up, flip it over gradually so it still stays connected to the cable but rests on the side.  

5. Clean the Dust Out 

  • You will now have a clear vision of the heat sink and the fan.  
  • Take your compressed air can or the blower to blow out the dust and point it towards the fan.  
  • Blow short bursts of air to get rid of all the dust in the corners and the blades.  
  • Make sure you blow the dust out of the system instead of blowing it further deep inside.  
  • Your cotton swabs and cotton balls will come in handy at this point to clean out any dust that the blower can’t reach.  
  • Most of the dust can be found on the heat sink, outside edges, and especially the fan so target those areas.  
  • Do not hold your compressed air can in an upside-down position as the liquid inside it may fall out and cause damage to your system.  
  • Make sure that you do not spray air directly onto the fan. Spinning the fan at a very fast speed can break its circuitry. Try to hold the fan with a finger or any soft object before blowing the air on it.  
  • Always spray the air in bursts.  

6. Replace the Components 

  • After you have carefully cleaned everything out, put everything back in the opposite order you took it out.  
  • Flip the PSU over carefully and place it neatly in its spot.  
  • Insert the five screws in their respective places. If you have forgotten, the two screws in the bottom corners are Phillips head screws and the remaining three are TR9 screws.  
  • Put the cover back into its place and press the edges down lightly to fix it securely.  
  • Next, put the TR9 screws back on the PS4. If you want, you can add the stickers back at this point. In any case, your warranty sticker will be damaged by default.  

7. Clean the HDD Bay 

  • Now that your PS4 is all cleaned and assorted back, there is one optional spot that you might also want to clean out: the HDD Bay.  
  • In a PlayStation4, there is a separate hard drive compartment that might have some of the build-up dust.  
  • You will see a shiny part on your PS4 on the extreme left. Press and slide it to remove the cover to access the HDD bay.  
  • It is held down by a Phillips head screw. Remove the HDD and clean any dust particles you might find there.  
  • Once you are done, simply slide it in and replace the screw.  

 8. Rebuilding the Database 

  • One additional step that you can choose to do to completely optimize your PlayStation’s software performance is to Rebuild its Database. Doing so optimizes all the data your PS4 has on your drive. It serves similarly to defragmenting your computer and is beneficial for your console’s performance.  
  • To perform a Database Rebuild, make sure your PlayStation4 is powered off completely.  
  • Long press the Power button on the front of the console. Keep pressing it until you hear two beeps which will send your PS4 into a Safe Mode.  
  • Next, connect your controller with your PS4 using a USB cable and press the PlayStation button. This will sync both.  
  • Choose the Rebuild Database option and leave it to the PS4 to perform the operation.  
  • This process might take some time. Once done, it will take you back to your home screen.  
  • The Rebuild Database operation does not remove any data however, it will make some minor changes. For example, you will be viewed the basic tips in the Discover notifications again, the Home screen will not have your recently played games, etc.  
  • After you have performed a Rebuild Database operation on your PS4, you will notice that your console will run smoother and faster.  

How to Clean Your PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro 

PS4 Slim: 

Cleaning the PS4 Slim is similar to PS4 with minute differences: 

  • You won’t have to remove the stickers to remove the cover.  
  • Once you have removed the cover, you will be able to see the fan clearly. The rest of the cleaning process is similar to that of PS4.  

PS4 Pro: 

  • To open a PS4 pro, pull the right and left corners of the cover and slide it back to remove the cover.  
  • The fan is quite visible in a PS4 Pro and therefore allows cleaning quite simply.  
  • The heat sink in a PS4 Pro is inserted very deep and you will need to remove the entire console which is not a very smart idea. So, it’s better to stick to cleaning the dust off of your fan.  

Some Pro Tips: 

  1. Even though cleaning your PS4 fans is a simple and straightforward process, the delicacies of hardware cannot be stressed enough. It is advised that you take extreme care while performing the cleaning process mentioned below. To be extra careful, it is always wise to back up your saved data prior to cleaning your PlayStation. 
  2. Before you start cleaning your PS4 model, it is important to remember that opening its console will void any warranty that you may have. 
  3. Take your console to a safe and roomy space before opening it up. Try to touch the plastic components only. 

End Word

After you have cleaned your PS4 console, you will notice a smoother, faster, and quieter performance than before. Every once in a while, make sure to clean the edges and remove any dust that may gather inside. This will reduce the amount of dust that gathers inside and builds up over time and therefore, the whole extensive cleaning process can be avoided.  

Written by Qurat-ul-Ain