How To Get EOBI Sahulat Card

How To Get EOBI Sahulat Card

Approximately 8 million beneficiaries of the EOBI Act will receive 10 percent subsidy at USC Utility Stores across Pakistan. The agreement between EOBI and USC was signed on 11th July ’20, Friday. Special Assistant to PM – Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari – also commented that all beneficiaries of EOBI will receive the EOBI Sahulat Card upon retro-registration. Here’s how to get EOBI Sahulat Card. Get in!

How To Get EOBI Sahulat Card

A person who gets registered with the EOBI fund once, remains a part of it as long as they are working with a registered employer. Upon leaving their current employment, they will once again be included in the fund.

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In terms of expected benefits and important updates, here’s what you should expect:

  • The EOBI Sahulat Card will launch in August 2020.
  • ALL card holding EOBI pensioners and insured persons would get a subsidy of about Rs1,000 per month on five essential food items. These items include wheat flour, oil, rice, grains and pulse.
  • The government has increased the annuity (fixed annual payments) of EOBI pensioners from Rs5,250 to Rs8,500. This will further rise to Rs15,000 till end of the incumbent government’s tenure.
  • Registered EOBI persons will avail more facilities after the card is launched, as the USC intends to add more incentives.
  • Initially there will be a soft launch of initiative and hundreds of people would be provided the card. Later, the EOBI would start issuing cards to all of its beneficiaries, verified by NADRA.

A 10 percent subsidy for old people announced!

  • In terms of official marketing ads, an extensive awareness campaign will be launched on electronic, printed and social media platforms to update the EOBI pensioners and insured persons.

Please Note: The last bullet emphasizes on a marketing awareness campaign for aged people.

Requirements | How To Get EOBI Sahulat Card

In general, there are two ways to go about this process: Registering As An Employer, and Registering As An Employee – for EOBI. The card comes later, in August 2020!


Thinking about getting an EOBI Sahulat Card

Note: EOBI pension is claimable in aspects related to old age, invalidity, or death. It ensures a definite and continuous source of income for affected family members upon their demise.

Registration | Employer

As per the law, all employers must register themselves with the organisation within thirty days of becoming eligible for EOBI.


After company registration, the governing body forms a complete employee-list. The list ensures that each individual receives the registration card from the institution.

Registration | Employee

In most cases, registered organizations will register their employees on their own once the term of employment begins. The EOBI website gives detailed instructions for Employers so they can register both new and old employees into the system.

Please understand an important point here: Old employees are individuals who already have a record and a registration with EOBI through past employments. In contrast, new employees are generally fresh graduates with no work history or EOBI records.



Required Documents For EOBI | The Card Will Come If Your Documents Are Clean!

You can only get an EOBI Sahulat Card if you have an EOBI registration subject to EOBI rules and regulations.

Claim Your EOBI | How To Get EOBI Sahulat Card

EOBI recently digitalised all of its records and database, making it easier than ever to not only claim but also check your collected pension fund online.


Official Website for EOBI | ProPakistani

To automatically get an EOBI Sahulat Card, you have to be registered with the EOBI database.

Here’s how you do it:

Navigate towards option marked by a red rectangle

  • All prospective pensioners are now mentioned in the online database.

  • Once you find your details online, you can submit the required documents (refer to the table above) to make your claim.
  • Send all documents to your nearest local EOBI office.
  • You can also post your documents at: Office of Director General (Operations), 3rd Floor, EOBI House (Ex Awami Markaz), Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi.
  • After EOBI verifies your documents, you will receive a Pension Claim form:

How To Get EOBI Sahulat Card

  • You will be required to fill out the form and submit it to your Regional Office.
  • EOBI will start the claim process to grant the pension after receiving the form.
  • Pension will then be granted as soon as possible.

How To Get EOBI Sahulat Card | ProPakistani

  • The next phase is clockwork. After fulfilling eligibility requirements for compulsory documents, the registered applicant receives a Pension Book/Card within 30 days.

Please Note: Once claimed, you will receive funds via designated banking branches, including EASYPAISA and NADRA outlets.


Download required EOBI forms from this site

For downloading individual forms related to EOBI, please visit this link for full excess.

EOBI Chairman Mr USC Utility Stores revealed in a closed press briefing that the ‘EOBI Sahulat Card’ would be launched by early August 2020. He further stated that there would be a soft inaugural and hundreds of people will receive the card initially.


Last Word | In Summary

The USC Chairman praised Imran Khan for delegating instructions to form the new program with the USC network. He claims that the PM has always been a propagator for uplifting the living standards of the downtrodden.

Imran Khan winning our hearts!
With respect and care for Pakistan’s aged population, Imran Khan has finally revealed an autonomous system in the shape of EOBI Sahulat Card. There are NO special procedures for applying for this card; EOBI registered individuals automatically qualify for receiving it (hence the term ‘autonomous).

Well, there you have it guys! This was all about how to get EOBI Sahulat Card in the simplest way. Watch this space for subsequent updates.

We will continue to update this piece with further developments along the way. If you have any questions, just leave a comment in the section provided below.


Watch this space and good luck!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi