How To Push Rank In PUBG Mobile

How To Push Rank In PUBG Mobile

Being one of the finest battle-royale games, PUBG has a realistic feel to its gameplay. With real-life physics affirming an integral part of the game, PUBG mobile also has an in-game tier system that helps players compete with each other in various maps. However, some players are lagging behind on multitude affronts, mostly related to issues of the ranking system. Here’s how to push rank in PUBG Mobile.

How To Push Rank In PUBG Mobile

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The very first step towards pushing your tier rank in PUBG Mobile is to choose the correct game mode.

If you have been pushing rank in Solo mode, the results in that mode will not affect results in any other modes. While pushing rank in PUBG Mobile, it is recommended not to change the game mode whenever you play as consistency plays a vital role.

Step – 1 | Focus On Damage And Revival

In PUBG Mobile, you have a performance meter where all the statistics of your game-play are displayed every time you complete a game.

How To Push Rank In PUBG Mobile

In the performance meter, you can see the number of kills registered, damage done, number of revivals done and also the amount of healing done. Healing does not matter on how much damage you take.

Tips to get damage:

  1. Jump from a moving vehicle (Not in Solo)
  2. Spend some time inside the blue zone
  3. Explode a gas can or grenade.

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Similarly, revival is also important in PUBG Mobile. There are extra plus points for team coordination. If you revive your knocked-out teammates, you are rewarded. Ask your teammate to jump from a fast-moving vehicle so that you may revive him to get some bonus points.

Step – 99 | Play Safe | How To Push Rank In PUBG Mobile

Try to avoid the hot drops in the PUBG Mobile game and instead focus on the places that do not come in the way of the flight path.

How To Push Rank In PUBG Mobile

You may use a vehicle to travel and loot isolated places. You can easily find bots in such areas. Try to kill them so that your kill-tally gets a boost at the end of a match.

It’s more important to survive for longer than it is to rack up kills!

Your kill rating and your survival rating are the factors taken into account when you’re given a rank. It’s important to know that the kill rating only makes up about 20 per cent of the total points. The survival rating makes up a major chunk statistically!

How To Push Rank In PUBG Mobile

So, it’s important to make it to the top 10 survivors even if you have fewer kills. You will score better if you survive to the top 10 and have only 3 kills then you would have if you died 50th and had 15 kills. Basically, play conservative and don’t go for more kills than necessary.


Step – 3000 | The Importance Of Classic Mode Games

PUBG Mobile offers you two game modes to choose from. You can either chose to play the game in Arcade mode or Classic mode.

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If you spend most of your time playing Arcade mode games, your ranking will not change. Try playing Classic mode games as much as you can. The ratings you gain in this game mode are a major contributor for calculating your rank.

It is also advisable to play a game of Arcade game before you get into a Classic game as this helps you warm up.

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Note: Play trending maps like EvoGround whenever they’re live. This will help you gain the same ratings each match, but you’d need to spend 10 minutes on each game!


Well, there you have it guys! This was all about how to push rank in PUBG mobile. We’ll be updating this piece with future updates and developments from PUBG and PTA.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in the section provided below. We’ll get back to you shortly. Good luck!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi

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