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How To Report Cyberbullying

How To Report Cyberbullying | ProPakistani

Full Disclosure: This piece is purely informational. We’ve gathered the resource material for this article from a variety of well-informed resources. Here’s how to report cyberbullying.

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How To Report Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying? | What’s ‘In The Know’

Cyberbullying is using technology to deliberately behave in a manner intended to harass, threaten, humiliate or harm others. Though laws vary by country, cyberbullying behavior can rapidly tip over into criminal offenses.

Contacting law enforcement may be a needed step in stopping the behavior. Many tweens and teens have been shocked to discover their actions constitute a crime and that they will have to bear the full consequences.

Physical threats of harm should be reported to police immediately. If such threats have not been made, here are some things to consider:

  • Listen to your child

Victims of cyberbullying are in a vulnerable state, so how you respond is likely to be a significant factor. How so?

My Demons Haunt Me

Your first task is to listen to your child without judgment. Gently ask questions, such as:

  • How long has the cyberbullying been going on?
  • What are the names of those involved?
  • How were you bullied?
  • Do you need a hug?

The last bullet is pretty much inconsequential. Sometimes, it only takes a hug from a loved one to forget the pain.

If there is evidence of cyberbullying—saved text messages, social media posts, website entries, etc.—then keep it. This helps when documentation becomes absolutely necessary in the future.

  • Encourage your child to tell the truth

You also need to ask your child to be entirely honest with you about any forms of repressive behavior.

How To Report Cyberbullying

Hopefully, they won’t have anything to report, but often kids and teens lash out, and this significantly complicates matters. Let them know that the truth will come out when their cyberbully is confronted. Reassure them that they’ll be in far worse shape if they avoid being transparent about their behavior. If there is evidence of their actions, document them as well.

  • Take precautions if your child has retaliated

If your child has retaliated with their own cyberbullying, you need to sit them up for how such action always backfires.

How To Report Cyberbullying

The assertion that “the other kid started it” is irrelevant. Your child cannot blame their choices and behavior on anyone else and must be held accountable. If they want justice for what was done to them, they need to expect the same yardstick to be applied to any cyberbullying they committed.

  • Block and report cyberbullies to the service providers

Help your child take preventive measures online to block cyberbullies from contacting them. Report cyberbullies to the site or service providers where the cyberbullying occurred. Responsible sites should take immediate action against cyberbullying incidents.

Snapchat | How To | ProPakistani

Once you understand the scope of the problem, and how your child feels, assess what help your child may need.

  • Tips for Reporting Cyberbullying

By understanding the full story, you can now take the next step towards protecting your child and preventing future attacks from happening to other children.

  • Be proactive in reporting cyberbullying

Don’t wait to see if the cyberbullying goes away. Take immediate steps to address the issue. Your child needs to know that you can and will help them.

  • Report the cyberbullying to the school

If your child has experienced cyberbullying, the chances are high that the negative fallout has spilled over into their school experience, even if the cyberbullying didn’t occur while your child or their abuser(s) were on school grounds.

  • Discuss the steps with your child

Discussing what you have learnt about the laws and procedures with your child or teen is important. It helps you keep a strong line of communication while you chart out the best course of action.
Cyberbullying robs victims off their sense of control. However, by including your child in the process of resolving the issue, you help them regain that control.


How To Report Cyberbullying | Pakistan

Amongst all the stuff we could research on the web, here’s what we know.

Currently, there are 6 effective ways to report cyberbullying.

  • Register a complaint through FIA

How To Report Cyberbullying

Simply write down your application (in English or in Urdu). Narrate your complete story, provide evidence, and send it to FIA National Response Center for Cyber Crimes (NR3C).

  • Lodge report via IC3

The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant. Check out their website to see how to report.

  • The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee

How To Report Cyberbullying

The CPLC has set up a women complaint cell aimed at dealing with women harassment issues across the country. Register your complaints on these numbers: 021-35662222, 021-35682222.

  • Did you know about Snapchat’s little PD?

Snapchat | How To | ProPakistani

If your account is being misused or hacked, you can submit a report by filling in the harassment form available on the official website. It’s that simple!

  • Madadgaar National Helpline


From psychological counseling to legal aid, this is the organization you should look up to for help. It’s very economical and provides cheap rates for people who’re a bit less-fortunate!

  • Fake Instagram account? There there!

Instagram | How To Report Cyberbullying

Instagram’s ‘abuse form’ actually works. Even if you don’t have an official account, you can still fill out the form. Cheers!

Well, there you have it guys! This was all about cyberbullying, and how to report cyberbullying in Pakistan. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the section provided below.

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Written by Ahsan Gardezi