SwifDoo PDF: In-Depth Review

Although PDF files have served us for so long, there are still tasks we hope to accomplish with such files. One such task is to edit them on our computer, especially on a Windows PC. However, given that a PDF file is a collection of complex data, it won’t be that easy. For this reason, you will need a third-party application, specifically free PDF editor for Windows.

There are many things you can and must do with a PDF. This is especially true for people who often use PDF documents at work or study. First, if you want to present an idea, you need to edit the PDF files to suit your requirements. As for students, it is very important to preview such files for information. It is true that there is a built-in function for this in Windows, but you still need a comprehensive PDF editor that you can use whenever you want.

SwifDoo PDF: Features

SwifDoo PDF has its own charm of the simplicity of the interface and easy-to-use features. There are features that are essential for the basic PDF management. Here’s a look at some of these features that you can do with the PDF editor:

  • Markup tools. Markup tools like highlighters, erasers, stamps, and more can make collaboration easier for teams that frequently use PDFs.
  • You’ll find that captions are an important part of getting the most out of your PDF. That’s why it’s important to be able to scan, import, and even type signatures.
  • Not only do you need to edit the text in the PDF, but you should also be able to edit configurations like rotating pages, merging pages, and even resizing the PDF.
  • Since you’ll be editing a lot of files, it’s useful to have a search function to make your job easier.
  • It allows you to get the contents of a PDF file in text format.

Some of its highlighted features include:

Edit PDFs

The first feature you should check out is editing, given that it was created entirely for this purpose. The SwifDoo PDF program allows you to add new text, delete content, and even move content. There’s also an option to change the front and style.

Encrypt PDFs

Encrypting PDFs with SwifDoo PDF makes it difficult for people to make changes, thus making your documents very secure. Some people even put passwords in documents to prevent third parties from accessing the contents of the file.

Convert PDFs

SwifDoo PDF is a feature-rich, multi-functional PDF converter for Windows users. It can convert multiple files to PDF, JPG, PNG, Word, Excel and more. It will preserve the file quality. This will allow you to view the document on different devices without any distortion.


Optical Character Recognition(OCR) is an automated process that converts scanned images of text into digital text. SwifDoo PDF allows you to use the OCR feature to digitize paper documents and even the entire PDF file by scanning them for information to work more efficiently.

Free Tool: SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

SwifDoo PDF is a dedicated PDF tool that you can use on Windows. The desktop version that only works with Windows operating systems such as Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8/7.

It is worth mentioning that converting a PDF file to an editable form is also possible using the free, publicly available online version of SwifDoo PDF converter.

It is not a full-fledged software, but a browser-based PDF converter tool. So you don’t need to download or install anything, just upload your files and you can convert your PDF files quickly.


The last update of SwifDoo PDF, which took place in this May, increased the supported languages, thus bringing the total number to 9, and the software now supports English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese.

SwifDoo PDF Review: Plans and Pricing

The software is regularly updated, and this suggests that the developer is constantly developing and improving the services. The SwifDoo PDF program currently offers several paid packages for both individuals and teams.

It is worth noting that for non-heavy use such as viewing PDFs, you can work with the software absolutely for free, you will also get a 15-day completely free trial for the first time installation.

SwifDoo PDF offers one-time fee for most of its pro versions, which can be better in the long run for commercial users. If you have to deal with editing and creating PDFs on a larger scale, it is worth reviewing the premium solutions and choosing the best one for yourself.


Pro Version Pricing Billing Cycle Features Updates
Lifetime (1 PC) $103.2($129) One-Time Billing Full Access Free
Lifetime (2-PC) $151.1($159) One-Time Billing Full Access Free
2-Year Plan $79.2($99) One-Time Billing Full Access Free
1-Year Plan $69 Yearly Full Access Free
3-Month Plan $48($60) One-Time Billing Full Access Free
Monthly Plan $20 Monthly Full Access Free


The SwifDoo PDF software is a very convenient tool for editing PDF files. Using it, you can easily add your own annotations, make the necessary marks, add information about the image or text. In addition, it is possible to combine pages, remove unnecessary ones, and this is only part of the whole functional of this wonderful PDF program.

From free PDF programs that provide basic functions, SwifDoo PDF looks good, which allows you to use the full functionality for free for 15 days to test the capabilities of the application. So if you are looking for something for a quick change, SwifDoo PDF is a good option.

Written by Desk