Top 10 Netflix Alternatives In Pakistan

In the 4th Quarter of the previous financial year, the global video streaming market-volume accounted for a whopping $42.6 billion. Experts have predicted for this compounded annual growth to grow by more than 20% between 2020 and 2027. Since you’ve landed on this article looking for the top 10 Netflix alternatives in Pakistan, I guess such speculations are well-founded.

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Top 10 Netflix Alternatives | All You Need To Know, Jon Snow

These days, the market is booming with awesome options, including affordable live or in-demand movies, shows, music and much, much more. In this piece, I have compiled a list of some of the top free and paid streaming sites in Pakistan. You can expect to find:

  • TV shows and movies
  • Live sport events
  • Music
  • Anime Series and Movies

With a stable internet connection and a smart device at your fingertips, you can access various platforms and satisfy your urges with some quality movies and music strings.

The following bullets cover the most popular streaming sites – including Netflix – where you can find different types of engaging video-content:

  1. YouTube
  • Content: Music, movies, TV shows, comedies, documentaries, parodies, news
  • User base: 163.75 million
  1. Netflix
  • Content: Movies, TV shows, stand-up segments, documentaries
  • User base: 46.55 million
  1. Hulu
  • Content: Movies, TV shows, sports, news, entertainment
  • User base: 26.48 million
  1. Amazon Prime Video
  • Content: Movies, TV shows
  • User base: 16.46 million
  1. Vimeo
  • Content: Educational videos
  • User base: 15.06 million


Consumer-centric Streaming sites | Top 10 Netflix Alternatives In Pakistan

Excluding Netflix, some websites with the richest movie and tv show libraries are:


On Hulu, you can find thousands of new and classic movies and shows for all ages and even watch live sports.

  • Available in: The US, United Kingdom, KSA, India, Japan, Pakistan, Jordan, Palestine
  • Supported platforms: Android and iOS devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, Samsung smart TVs, Xbox One and Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
  • Free trial: 30-days free trial
  • Pricing: $5.99+/month


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has an excellent collection of original videos as well as movies and shows from other sources.

You can either rent or buy your favourite movies and watch them offline.

  • Available in: Worldwide except for North Korea, Mainland China, Iran and Syria
  • Supported platforms: Apple TV, Roku devices, Nvidia Shield, Virgin Media TiVO, Blu-ray players, Google Chromecast, Android and iOS devices
  • Free trial: 30-days free trial
  • Pricing: $12.99/month



Unlike other streaming websites, SlingTV offers channels. So, if you get some of its packages, you can watch Fox, NBC, Food Network and more.

Sports fans can also enjoy watching their favourite sports channels.

  • Available in: The US, VPN enabled access (payment routine remains the same)
  • Supported platforms: Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Apple TV,, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial
  • Pricing: $30+/month

Note: To use this in Pakistan, using a suitable VPN is recommended. This service isn’t a global consortium yet, but you can still get the paid services by changing domains.


Showtime allows you to watch cable channels and access original shows and movies. The platform supports offline downloads.

  • Available in: Worldwide
  • Supported platforms: iOS and Android devices, Windows and macOS computers, Smart TVs, Xbox One and Oculus Go
  • Free trial: 30-days free trial
  • Pricing: $10.99/month



123Movies 2020 is a website that allows its millions of users to stream and download all-new Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and TV series in HD quality. Owing to its HD quality content, 123 Movies is currently regarded as one of the best and most popular sites for Movies and TV series.

  • Available: Worldwide
  • Cost: Free


Well, there you have it guys! This was all about some of the Top Alternatives to Netflix In Pakistan. Although this list has been divided into portions pertaining to both free-and-paid categories, this article will help you navigate to the next best thing after Netflix.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you shortly.


Written by Ahsan Gardezi