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15 Pakistani Web Series You Should Absolutely Watch

Pass the time with these amazing series.

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, most of us are binge-watching web series. How about trying out a Pakistani web series for once?

Pakistanis are also getting a hang of this ‘long-form television’ online. As the digital world takes over everything, it was only a matter of time Pakistani web series are becoming a popular form of alternative entertainment.

Initially, independent producers like Mehreen Jabbar and Maria Javed were the creatives behind Pakistani web series.


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Soon enough commercial networks like Hum had climbed on this bandwagon.

The objective of a web series is to create content that television producers wouldn’t risk doing so. That’s why web series cover subjects considered too taboo for television. With commercial production of web series, who knows where the tide will go.

Better enjoy quality content while we can. So here is a list of Pakistani web series you should watch.


This very recent series features star talent. With both Sarmad Khoosat and Yusra Rizvi as part of the Ayesha cast, this web series is a must-watch.

The series addresses the struggles of home-makers asserting what they do has value. In Pakistan since only women adopt this role even in 2020, the struggle continues.

Middle Se Opar

The Mujahid family adapt to their new lifestyle after they shift into an exclusive property in DHA. How they adjust to this new setting is a long and funny story.

The character development of the three kids and their ‘amma‘ (Mahjabeen Habib) and ‘abba‘ (Haseeb Khan) is the sweet center of the story.

5 Cents and the Boys

This is the brain-child of Hamza Firdous. From the script, production, and direction, Hamza Firdous created this Irish comedy.

Although it might not be in Urdu with Pakistani actors, it has a Pakistani creator so it made the list. This series portrays how hard it is growing up no matter where you are from.



This Eros Now production is a teen drama following a girl’s dream of being a rockstar. Enaaya cast Mehwish Hayat in the titular role, with Faryal Mehmood, Azfar Rehman, Asad Siddiqui and Waqas Godhra in pivotal roles.

Wajahat Raud wrote and directed the series.


I Frandship U

This series is about giving the underdog a chance as well as batting down the stigmas surrounding the quintessential ‘Pindi boi‘.

Maria Javed’s directorial debut was exclusively made for Pakistani video streaming service, Vidly.

I Frandship U follows New Yorker Hareem falling in love in more ways than one during a visit to Pakistan. Areesha Zainab, Muqeet Khan, Omer Abdullah, Wasil Tanveer are the main cast of the series.


Shameless Proposals

This web series takes on the desi wedding dynamic in a funny way. Normally trying to smash the patriarchy in desi marriages is a threat, but not if you can have people who can tolerate it with a laugh.

Besides calling out the uncomfortable and often shameless rishta seeking culture, Shameless Proposals presents the various types of ineligible bachelors.  Even educated Pakistani people end up tied to incompatible partners in arranged marriages.

Summer Love

As the name suggests, this Teeli production brought to you by Dawn is about a summer romance. Except this isn’t a summer fling like we had in mind, rather a journey to finding love.

In the end, it’s about enjoying the journey no matter the outcome, that is also important.

Miss Per-Fact

Another web series about love. Miss Per-Fact cast Vardah Aziz and Furqan Qureshi as the leads. This series follows the struggles of keeping the love alive in a marriage, and admitting what you really want and need.


The Romeos

This is a comedy series by writer-director Bilal Yousufzai. Starring three buddies vlogger Hunain Riaz, punster Faham Usman, and the over-determined Rais-ur-Rehman, this series addresses the struggles of being a millennial man.

Its about wanting to follow their dreams, to finding themselves.

The series was presented by BVC Originals, in association with RKF and Dramaculas.

Saat Mulaqatein

Starring Noman Ijaz, Hamza Firdous and Zara Tareen, this series is about a couple that drifts apart after a long marriage.

While they might still love each other, they’re both trying to get over it in their own ways.

Ek Khata

Speaking of love, it’s important to cover the tragedies in love that happen in Pakistan. We often hear stories of extortion, abusive relationships, and family dynamics that get in the way of love in our culture.

While we love presenting innocence onscreen on TV and in movies, we sweep aside the reality that innocence is exploited. This web series does a great job of capturing this missing facet in today’s love stories.



Another Teeli web series about the struggles of now. This female-centric story follows the lives of four women – Laila, Zeenat, Amber, and Natasha.

You’ll be inspired by at least one of these sheroes.


While this web series might not have the most rad jokes and clean production values, it is nonetheless entertaining.

While this story is as juvenile as a teen saga should be. That’s how teen and tween stories used to be before we got hooked in dystopian dramas.


Ragini Arahi Hai

This is a short series and BVC Originals creation. The story is a good attempt at low budget horror. While it may not be as disturbing as Netflix’s ‘Creep‘, they really tried.



This is a Hum TV project helmed by filmmaker Jawad Bashir. The series is a comedy about break-ups and how to handle them.


Which is your favorite Pakistani web series? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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