4 Interesting Facts About Kubra Khan That You Never Knew [Pictures]

There’s more to her than meets the eye.

kubra khan

Kubra Khan is relatively a new actress, but she has already made a big name for herself in the industry. She first appeared in the 2014 movie Na Maloom Afraad. Since then she has worked in almost 20 hit projects, both on television and cinema.

Over the course of her career, she has given us some memorable characters and heartwarming stories. As the actress has turned 27 yesterday, we are here to tell you some fun facts about her and take a look back at her acting journey.

Kubra Khan Started Her Career in London

Yes, you have heard that right. It was not in Pakistan but in London where she started her life journey. That’s where she was born and grew up. Before turning to acting, Kubra Khan was a model and it was in London where she took her first modeling project.

She Has Appeared in a Bollywood Movie

Are you surprised? So were we when we first found out about it. Kubra Khan earned international acclaim when she appeared in Bollywood movie Welcome 2 Karachi in 2015. She portrayed the character of Asma alongside Arshad Warsi, Jacky Bhagnani and Adnan Shah Tipu.

A Good Script is Far More Important to Her Than a Good Cast

This is also something you probably didn’t know about her but it means a lot to her. In an interview with Mag The Weekly, the Sang-e-Mar Mar star said that she always reads the script and then decides whether or not she will take on a project. A strong script that educates the viewers in some way is always her first priority rather than the cast.

Kubra Khan Hates Socializing

This list is turning into a bunch of surprises, isn’t it? Well, that is true too. Kubra Khan enjoys her ‘me’ time more than socializing in a public gathering.

Glamorous events, meetups, parties, socializing with different people is all part of showbiz and it requires a lot of effort too. However, the Alif actress considers herself to an introvert and finds it very hard to get ready and go to parties. Instead, she keeps herself busy with work and enjoys her personal space.


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