4 Pakistani Dramas That Need to End Right Now!

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Pakistani dramas are entertaining as long as they don’t get overdramatic in no time and lose their appeal. How many times did you start watching a drama, expecting it to be the ‘best drama of your life’, only to end up regretting your decision because it just lost the plot? Probably more than 10 times we reckon.

It’s annoying and unfair, to the point that you start cursing the makers and the actors for ruining it. The struggle is real.

With repetitive storylines, twists, and the character’s dilemma, Pakistani dramas can be too much. And the sad part is, the makers don’t even realize what is wrong here.

Today we are going to highlight dramas airing right now that need to end already.

Yeh Dil Mera

This Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir starrer has overstayed its welcome. Granted, it just ended yesterday, but gosh, did it ruin the promise it held at the beginning.

Yeh Dil Mera was supposed to be a thriller with flashbacks and memories from a tragic character. However, the drama failed in this respect, and we are unable to relate to the characters anymore.

The serial dragged the story at times, with minimal character or plot development. It won’t be wrong to say the drama did not live up to its mark.

Mera Dil Mera Dushman

This ARY Digital drama did not hold our interest from the start. But most of us believed that things could better in subsequent episodes. Now with 33 episodes down the line, it still doesn’t have the public interest.

The story was not unique or new in the first place. We have been seeing older men getting married to women half their age, causing a lot of chaos to his already settled family, for ages now. So this wasn’t particularly a great plot to start with.

But even as they proceeded with it, they should have made sure it does not overlap with the previous stories. Plus, the characters continue to go through the same struggles they are trying to get out of since the first episode. So a lot of repetition is going on here and we can’t waste our time with the recycled plot.


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Jo Tu Chahay

Another drama that has been dragging on for far too long is Jo Tu Chahay. 40 episodes in and they are still not over with their ‘rona dhona’?

This drama has all the cliched themes, and keeping that in mind, it should have ended by now. But the makers of the drama are here to torture us with the monotonous, cliff-hanging plot that is just getting ridiculous with each episode.

Thora Sa Haq

It looks like Imran Abbas did not take a good project this time. Thora Sa Haq again deals with the cliched subject of toxic masculinity, but somehow, two women with low esteem end up fighting for this man. Imran Abbas’s character has disappointed on so many occasions that we have literally lost count.

The writers are just dragging this drama with unnecessary family politics and misunderstandings that needed to end months back.


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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  1. We started watching these dramas when we were young, we have grown old and these dramas are still continuing..kindly reham karein

  2. Not ye dil mera…that drama is too good.
    Not so long, us ki aik story hy.
    Yeah thora sa haq and jo to chahy in ko bs ab end hona chahiye…koi story nai hyy.

    • Bilkul band kia Jaye bht hi boring crying or bakwas ? drama h sare or khubseerat or Mehboob apke kadmo mein in sb dramo ko band kia Jaye wasting our time

  3. I full agree, all these dramas plys some more are unnecessarily stretched and make use of internal intrigues… Drama writers and The production house should understand some basics of dramas on prime time TV…. It’s seems never ending serials to fill void in prime time.

  4. Also meed immediate end of MEHBBOB AP K QADMO MAI it makes this too much bores same story n sequence from last 2 months now its getting bore

  5. Khoobseerat Drama Is to long and wasting our time. Isko b ab band krdena chahye Na koi story he Na koi acting sirf boring he is me Or kuch b nai he bakwas drama hogaya he ab

  6. There’s nothing to watch these days except piyar ke sadqey…at least it makes you smile…CANNOT stand Hira, Hiba, aiza, and mera dil mera dushman star( don’t know her name) so sick and tired of looking at there so called innocent crying faces..none of them can act…

    • I agree. It’s the best ongoing drama right now. I also don’t like Dilruba- like it’s a little tooooo dramatic.
      And Mera dil Mera dushman- she’s Alizay Shah.

  7. Thora sa haq drama is very interesting
    and nearly end…!Drama mera dil mera dosman is the is very boaring I can saw this drama only time pas ….faltu drama mera dil mera dosmen??

  8. I think so Thora sa haq is so dragged… Now it’s time to close the story of this drama.. just wasted time…

  9. What about another stupid drama meboob ap ke qadmam main one lady making fool to the whole lot and nothing happening with her since beginning.althoug it is true in real life but the way she is doing rediculius

  10. Should be finished 2 or 3 episode earlier. Creativity should not be wasted through stretching tomuch for making money….

  11. Please please stop meboob ap ke qadamon main a lady making fool to whole lot and nobody getting her since beginning stupid drama

  12. Pakistani drama industry try to make more out of a popular serial . . . . Resultantly a flop story comes out . . . . Every time i tried to see a good serial complete . . . . . Unnecessary episodes comes again again and again

  13. O please!! Stop [email protected] dil Mera? and don’t compare it with other flopped serials,,, it’s still best…story is dragged in none of the episodes…this story needs to be opened one by one…and I’m assure it’ll have a versatile ending same as it’s every single episode ♥

  14. Ao belkul da Thora sa haq na smma da ooh pookai jorra shawy da? sorry I write in pashto bcz I want to understand u my words ..?

  15. They are right about thora sa haq but they are also wrong about ye dil mera,mera dil mera dushman and jo tu chahy these dramas are good ok

  16. Its true the story is too much prolonged in Thora sa haq no more interest to watch specially to see imran abbas in dirty shocking pink lipstick and dirty eye makeup
    The directors should have mercy on males actors in daramas

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