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4 Reasons Why Amir Liaquat Is the Wrong Choice to Play Burhan Wani [Opinion]

I am not a hero, Wani was indeed a true hero of the Kashmiri nation – Amir Liaquat

Amir Liaqat as Burhan Wani

Politician and television host Amir Liaquat Hussain is set to play Burhan Wani in his debut film. The biopic film of the Kashmir Liberation fighter Burhan Muzzafar Wani will certainly be the talk of the town more so over the casting than its content.

The Hamara Ramzan host revealed in an interview with Samaa that he will be playing the titular role in the biopic film on the Hizbul Mujahideen commander.

“I play the titular role of Burhan Wani (Shaheed). I am not a hero, Wani was indeed a true hero of the Kashmiri nation and I will just be portraying him on screen.”

Based on audience reactions we believe this is one casting that should not have left the couch.


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1. Amir Liaquat Is Not An Accomplished Actor

This will not only mark Aamir Bhai’s silver-screen debut but also his acting debut. Previously the Aalim Online host has not even been cast in a drama serial.

People are concerned if the politician will be able to do justice to Burhan’s legacy.

2. His Age

Misfit casting can really tank a movie (like George Clooney as Batman). Audiences fear that  Amir Liaquat as Burhan Wani is an unfit casting.

Burhan Wani, the Kashmiri liberation fighter, died really young in his early 20s. Casting a man in his late 40s for the role is questionable.

3. Inclusive Choices

Whenever it comes to any cultural or ideological film, the most important thing is the right perspective. It’s better if members of the community are actually onboard when it comes to representation issues.

Well, Kashmiris and supporters of the Liberation Movement are not onboard with this casting.


4. Bad Rapport

There are some who question that why tarnish the legacy of a freedom fighter, especially when the makers behind the film may use this as a publicity stunt for themselves.

Even Kashmiri sentiments are hurt by this ill-fit casting. When the objective of the film is to highlight the Kashmir’s freedom struggle, it better be done right than not done at all.

When Amir Liaquat is willing to accept that he is no hero, a rethink is in order.

About the Film

Baloch actor and film-maker Ayub Khosa will be directing and producing the film. This biopic is independent of Abrar Rana’s Burhan: Son of Kashmir. 

While Abrar Rana’s biopic is supposed to be based on Burhan’s journey from being a Kashmiri who wanted to resolve conflict in the valley through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite. Later when his innocent brother was killed by the Indian Army’s rampant onslaught, the boy became a liberation fighter for the Kashmir liberation movement Hizbul Mujahideen.

Meanwhile, Ayub Khosa intends to focus more on the Kashmiri freedom struggle. Khosa asserted that his movie will not be glossed over to make it commercially compatible. He made it clear that there will be no taking away from the riveting tale of the liberation icon by adding mundane aspects like the struggling for freedom alongside romancing a girl and signing songs etc.

“The essence of the film will be true to its cause, the issue of Kashmiris.”

The director asserted that he is making this film to counter Bollywood’s soft power on the Kashmir issue.

The film will be shot in Kashmir and we tend to complete the film in one go without any breaks. I am hopeful that my friends and actors within the industry would come forward to support the film.


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Written by Lens Staff


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  1. Bs bhi kro aamir liaquat ap thkte nhi ho koi to moqa hath s jane dya kro or kya zaroori h k hr ramzan kc na kc channel pr namudar ho kr ummat e muslima ka roza o ramzan kharab kro…..

  2. The biggest reason that hasn’t been penned is that even if AL acquired a halo and wings miraculously, he has the face of evil incarnate with a matching reputation. He is just not going to sit well in this role at all.

  3. Please stop this nonsense.i mean just imagine Amir Liaqat is playing Burhan’scharacter???It must be some kind of joke.Burhan was young boy in his early twenties and Amir??????No match absolutely absurd idea!Stop!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Irony Irony Irony. This joker Amir Liaqat Lalookhaiti playing role of Wani. Disgusting. Nauseating

  5. people mostly target amir because of political or religious affiliations, his family has a patriotic background and he has worked hard and handsome for his fame he has achieved…

  6. Absurd idea. Being kashmiri I oppose the idea of Amir liaquat playing the role of Burhan wahni Shaheed.. Wo kahan or yeh Kahan.. A joker n good in exaggerating things. Showing no grace at all… Rediculous character he z..

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